Social Media: Friend or Foe?

“You don’t have to post everything you know”. “What are you doing-recording your food?” “Ugh, there she goes again. You look much thinner online. How do you do that?” These are just some statements and and questions I get often. Some readily tell me they are  too busy to always be online. I used to become […]

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Permanent Resident Alien

Some may be too young to remember: but there was a time that being Jamaican in the 80’s wasn’t cool. Yeah, we had Bob Marley’s transcendental music and Marcus Garvey already inked his influence in American culture-but for the most part being “Other” was frowned upon. I know my mother experienced American women specifically expressing […]

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On The Other Side…

Finding myself on the other side of two mental breakdowns over the course of two consecutive years changed me. There’s pre breakdown Anika and post breakdown Anika. A close friend told me after my first hospitalization that there’s no way you’re the same after experiencing what you’ve experienced. She was right. I’m not the same-I […]

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