The light touch of God’s grace permeates everything.

Rose Gold.

That was the color my mom gravitated to when she looked at decorations for her 61st birthday dinner. Around this time last year she was not in the best of health. She spent many days in and out of hospitals and even time in a rehabilitation center. I was in my third trimester of pregnancy and feeling overwhelmed with the possibility she wouldn’t meet her grandchild.

With the grace that only God may bestow-she’s here. A year later, amidst a pandemic and social unrest my mother had the privilege of waking up on her 61st birthday.

Prior to our new normal this birthday dinner would have probably taken place at home with cousins and aunties sitting close together on sofas and sharing seats around the dinning room table. Hugs and kisses would have been an accepted practice as unmasked faces peered in bubbling pots on the stove and fast moving hands unfolded silver trays of food warm in the oven.

Because of our new normal where phrases such as “social distancing” and “According to Dr. Fauci” have become daily conversation starters her birthday dinner took place in a space that allowed for a small group of our family to celebrate while all the while adhering to best practices.

And let me just say dear reader: my momma shined. She sashayed into the room with the confidence of a person whom knows exactly who she is.

This simple birthday celebration reminds me to continue to hold family close and revel in the time we have together. If this year has taught us anything it’s that the only constant is change, some good, some bad and definitely some ugly. Our focus should be to continue to find the beauty within the chaos and slow down to feel the light touch of God’s grace.

Be well dear reader. Blessings.

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