Love, Locs, and Plants

At some point I began planning events in my head. I daydreamed about what outfits I would pack for my trip to Virginia. I haven’t been to this part of the country in years and I looked forward to traveling outside of Connecticut. “Maybe I need new luggage too?” I thought as I perused online websites.

I took my time looking for the perfect hotel that would meet my needs as well as one for a toddler. Then out of nowhere I felt a shift. Things were changing. The Covid-19 numbers began to rise not only in my home state but all across the country. I know theoretically the pandemic wasn’t over, however I had a sliver of hope. I thought things were turning around and optimism radiated throughout my entire being. Planning for a non emergency short trip felt like old times.

I have found myself leaning into what gives me the most comfort as I cancelled hotel reservation plans and stopped window shopping for new luggage. Love from family and friends by way of FaceTime, WhatsApp and social media has comforted me. My group texts keeps me laughing as all members share funny memes, short video clips and “Good morning” texts. YouTube hair tutorials for fun and creative protective styles for my dark locs have kept me busy and then of course there are my plants. My house plants have given me solace. I take pride in pruning leaves, watering and moving colorful pots from one place to another for ideal sunlight.

In an effort to stay sane within these very insane times I have challenged myself to read more. Please don’t get me wrong dear reader, I read every day, multiple times a day as my toddler demands to listen to the same stories over and over again. At this point I have memorized, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What To You See? , There’s a Wocket In My Pocket, Chocolate Me, The Foot Book, The Story of Rap, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Everything Is Mama. Without hesitation the words just come as these are Harper’s favorite books thus far. I need to read beyond the pallet of a toddler. I recently got a copy of Amanda Gorman’s Call Us What We Carry. I am not proud to share that I have only read the first poem in this collection of poetry. I will continue to challenge myself into reading adult work as this pandemic continues to surge. At this point I’m not sure where we are headed as it relates to the increase in positive cases, but I will continue to speak positivity within my space and hope for a day where trips are abundant and gatherings are plentiful.

How have you been dear reader? What activities have you leaned into to stay happy, healthy and sane? I am looking forward to your responses. Blessings.

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