In and Out

Deep breath in and deep breath out. Practicing deep breathing is a wonderful technique to slow down one’s mind and relax tense muscles. Paying close attention to how it feels as your chest cavity expands and then compresses is a great technique to help immediately reduce stress. Deep breathing allows one to center themselves and immediately feel grounded in place.

Today’s my birthday and I must say it took a moment for me where I had to think: “Wait, how old am I? The continuous news cycle and unprecedented events as well as being a new mom with a gurgling infant has put my memory to the test! But yes, I’m 38 years old today.

This time last year I was heavily pregnant and the highlight of my birthday was walking leisurely in one of my favorite parks without having to stop for too many breaks. Many joked about the possibility of a second baby hiding behind the one confirmed fetus or they exclaimed my baby would be so huge as they looked at the size of my protruding bump. I’d kindly smile and say “Nope, just one” as I waddled along (It’s funny how at birth Harper wasn’t even seven pounds).

This year like last year I’d like to take a walk and breathe deeply as I meander my way through yet another park or trail. Unlike last year I’ll pick up the pace and will myself to put a little pep in my step and sweat it out! With another year on earth I’m eternally grateful to see this moment. I recently saw my older brother. I was shocked to see his beard filled with white hair and then I exclaimed I would be covering the few white hairs that sprinkled the crown of my head.

“No. Leave it” he stated with the authority and wisdom I always heard in his voice. “You know how many people have left that would have loved to live long enough to have white hairs on their head?”

His question made me stop to reflect how priceless it is to wake up and take another breath. That blessing was given to me and although I can’t promise I won’t cover the white hair-I’ll leave the dye alone for a little bit longer.

Feel free to share your thoughts on getting older and how you’re celebrating your annual time around the sun.

As of this writing Sula has been viewed over 6,000 times from readers all over the world! Thank you! Please continue to read, your responses both public and private continues to warm my heart.


3 thoughts on “In and Out

  1. First and foremost “Happy Birthday!!”. It is truly a blessing to see yet another year. Often, I reflect on my birthdays and question my progress in life from the previous year. Although I’m not always pleased with my progress; I do find solace in knowing my ongoing existence has purpose and with determination change will come. Luckily, I’ve been blessed to reach the ripe age of 37 and have yet to pick up any hair dye! However, I do look forward to those days. I am in total agreement with your brother: with age comes wisdom and the upmost appreciation for “LIFE”.


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