Mothers: Y’all alright?

There’s this really amazing thing that happened to me when I was pregnant and after I gave birth. Women, near and far checked in on me. Randomly, without a specific reason.

It seems like just yesterday I was caring for a newborn in what felt like new world. Prior to Harper’s birth I was prepping myself for having a baby during the flu season. I stocked up on Lysol, bleach, hand sanitizer and facial tissue prepping myself for all the family and friends whom would come over to meet the new baby. Little did I know these items would become even more essential as the pandemic swept across the country. Family and friends all visited via Zoom and FaceTime as we all sheltered in place.

Visits were extremely limited as we all waited for more news concerning this virus. I remember telling a friend, “I’m just waiting for the aliens to arrive”.

However, during this time a network of mommas near and far checked in. Resources such as books, developmentally appropriate toys, blogs and online groups supporting mothers were shared with me. Items were mailed to my home of things I didn’t even think I needed. Women whom weren’t mommas as well showed up in ways I’m could have never imagined-small gifts of love appeared in the form of kind words and congratulations. That time was not at all what I assumed it to be but it was made beautiful with small tokens of love.

Fast forward over a year later and I feel like we’re all back on that roller coaster (truth be told we never get off) making our way up a slow incline. We don’t know what will be next as a strain of the virus is ravaging the southern part of the country. Along with what has become an extremely controversial and politicized topic concerning vaccination, mask mandates, public schooling, employment, access to quality health care and social gathering we also are very aware of the impact of environmental injustice as well as political and social unrest near and far.

I often reflect on those times of extreme isolation and how through it all there was a network of women, some mothers some not whom showed love in a way I could never have imagined. Tools such as social media and the use of technology as a whole kept us connected. I smile fondly as I think back to virtual happy hours and all the creative ways we showed up for each other.

As we slowly prepare for the Fall and all the unknown factors that come along with it I wish everyone a healing season. It’s safe to say we’re continuing to learn a lot about ourselves and each other.

Are there any concerns you may have as we approach the Fall, anything your learned over a year ago you’re holding close? Please share dear reader.


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