Oh Coffee, How I Love Thee!

That first sip is everything. In that small gulp, the possibilities of an amazing day awaits.

Actually dear reader, I need to back up.

Before the first sip of steamy, hot coffee even meets my lips, I’m enthralled. It begins with the ceremony of making the coffee itself. Adding extra cold water to the Keurig machine, deciding on what mug or tumbler I’ll use and of course adding the creamer to the empty container (anyone else do this?) before adding the coffee. The fresh scent of brewed coffee fills the early morning air.

I inhale deeply.

My breath is even, my heart pounds calmly within my chest. That smell, it has the same effect on me as a spritz of lavender, lemongrass or even peppermint. It’s calming, I am relaxed and in good spirits as I listen to the stream of hot coffee filling up my cup or tumbler. A quick swish of the spoon allowing for an even balance of cream and coffee blends together harmoniously into a creamy and hot marriage of flavors.

Ahhhhhh and then dear reader, then comes the sip. I inhale deeply and I immediately feel my shoulders relax, my body automatically succumbs to the hypnotic spell of coffee.

Pauline Villegas shares her own insights as a coffee enthusiast. Villegas explores her “eight green flags” she looks for when enjoying her cup of Joe outside of the home. I wholeheartedly agree with her number one: intricate latte art. Latte art adds an extra layer of awe as one prepares for that first sip!

What about you dear reader? Are you a coffee lover or is tea more your thing? What morning rituals leave you prepared to take on the day? I can’t wait to read your responses.


3 thoughts on “Oh Coffee, How I Love Thee!

  1. You know I love me a good cup (or maybe 2) of coffee ! Starting your morning with coffee just makes the day more doable.


  2. Although I have yet to adopt coffee into my day to day life I have heard of the many advantages it possesses. For me, any form of a kickstart to your day is an utter must have. For those close to me, it seems to do just that, as well as provide fuel to push on throughout the day. A cup of HOT mint tea, with a good dose of honey is my morning go to. Regardless of your preference, the idea of slowing down with no pressure to do or respond to anyone feels nice. We all should be able to appreciate such pleasures.

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