In My Dreams

Inflation is getting out of control! It’s one thing for me to gasp in shock at the grocery store, or scrunch my eyebrows into a furrow as I window-shop airline tickets for a much deserved vacation. It’s already enough that I have trimmed my monthly budget to as much as I can trim while still making a point to feed and clothe my child. It is an entirely another thing when inflation has chosen to rear its ugly head in my dreams.

That’s right dear reader, my dreams. A moment of pure bliss where anything and everything is possible, my dreams have now officially become under attack! Many of those who are near and dear to my heart know; I have a sweet tooth. Yes, of course I enjoy crunching on a crisp apple, or chopping on the sweetness of a ripe mango. However, my sweet tooth goes beyond “nature’s candies”. I am a huge fan of decadent desserts, dark chocolate, ganache, crème brûlée tiramisu, along with toffee, caramel and fluffy whipped cream are just some of my go to treasures.

Dear reader, just imagine the shock I had while asleep when I learned the price of a coveted dessert; please don’t laugh. In my dream, I am visiting a new bakery; like in real life I am chatting it up with other customers as I wait my turn to give my order. While talking with others and enjoying the view of the many yummy treats in the display case my eyes lock in on one particular item. It was chocolate, it looked soft and fluffy. A dark chocolate creation with soft chocolate filling. The filling overflowed on to the sides, like a slow moving volcanic eruption.

Photo by Marta Dzedyshko on

When it was finally my turn to order, I spent over ten minutes talking to the baker. She has a warm smile and was generous with her time as she discussed her love of baking. I smiled, laughed and chatted some more before finally ordering the extravagant dessert. The baker lovingly packaged my dessert and handed me the package before sharing the price.

“That will be $87.60”.

I gawked. I froze. I was stunned into silence.


I gulped. I was in too deep, the friendly banter with other customers, the welcoming atmoshphere and the baker’s warm smiled never wavered.

I reached for my wallet and handed over my card.

“I’m sorry, do you have another form of payment?”

And then, dear reader I woke up!

Get out of my dreams inflation-you do not belong here.

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