I really thought the Supreme Court would not overturn Roe vs. Wade. I was confident the controversial leaked draft would have the court revisit such a horrendous decision. I was wrong. This is really happening. The country will now have states determining their own rules as it relates to access to abortions. No one can’t […]

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Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Hey there readers! As you know I am a self-professed student of YouTube University. When I transitioned from relaxed hair to chemical free hair I went on YouTube often for tutorials on hair styles as well as hair care tips and tricks as I learned my hair texture. My viewership of video content increased when […]

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Melanin Myths Debunked!

Hey ya’ll! Black skin needs sunscreen. Just like lighter hued folks our skin will burn-even really dark skin. Black folks’ skin may lighten in colder months. Mine does. I remember I was in graduate school at some random department taking care of my school identification card and the woman taking my picture was so surprised […]

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My Go To Quick Meals

There’s a lot going on! Like most of you I am following the news and watching gas prices as well as food prices go up, up, and up! As we continue to live in a pandemic world of mask wearing and no mask wearing, as conversations shift from adult vaccinations to whether or not a […]

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