Summer Lovin’

Anyone else ready for summer? I can’t wait.

As I have gotten older, I have found a greater appreciation for colder weather. I love the layered look in clothing, cooler weather is great to controlling frizzy hair, keeping make-up in place and of course enjoying hot, spicy soup, warm buttered breads and steamy coffees!

However, my first love is the summer season. I am all here for iced coffee, well greased ankles, bright nail polish and fresh cold fruit salads. I enjoy wearing long flowy skirts, colorful bangles, and dramatic necklaces. In addition to fun clothing and bright colors I enjoy spending my time at the beach.

This is literally my most favorite place to be in the summer! I enjoy the space with children and without. On my beach excursions, I keep it very simple. A blanket, large container of iced water, fresh fruit and a summer playlist as well as a book (that I probably won’t read) is all I really need.

There’s a moment once I am settled in that my body relaxes completely. My limbs become limp and my heart beat settles into a slow, steady rhythm. The most beautiful sound while at the beach are the waves slapping against the sand in a melodic manner.

This is my happy place. Of course, hanging out at the beach in the Caribbean is more ideal than the beach in New England. However, when it comes down to it, it does not matter to me. I will thoroughly enjoy rapid walks over hot sand into the water. Dipping in and out of cool summer water is the ultimate summer excursion.

What about you dear reader? Do you enjoy the summer season? What are your favorite activities to do during this time of year? Blessings.

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