The Most Valuable Lesson I’ve Learned So Far

Overall, I am a quirky person.

I enjoy not always matching, I like to mix patterns and wear bright colors. The weekends are my time to shine whether I lay around doing nothing or hop around Fairfield County. I always joke about becoming a professional weekender. At times, I can be a bit impulsive, hence my eighth tattoo is located on the side of my head.

Although I am quirky and off beat, I have a type A personality as it relates to some parts of my personal and professional life. I like to be and feel in control of how various factors affect me. The ups and downs of living in a pandemic has forced me to relinquish some of this control. There has been situations that I could not control as we continue to maneuver our way within our new normal.

The most valuable lesson I have learned thus far is to not focus too heavily on factors out of my control. My favorite go to line for the moment is, “Let go and let GOD”. Years ago, as a younger woman the idea of not putting energy into things out of my control was unheard of. I would lose sleep over things I could not change, I would re-enact scenarios in my head where my rebuttals where wittier and sharper than what actually happened in real life.

As an older person with years of therapy, reflection and faith, I focus more on what I can control. I think it’s always important to find the beauty within the chaos no matter what obstacles come my way. This level of clarity allows me to stay level headed and calm even while battling storms out of my control.

The realization that it is not worth it to fret and overanalyze situations out of my control has brought me to another level of freedom that I hold dear. What about you reader, what lesson(s) have you learned through life that you keep close? I am looking forward to reading your responses. Blessings.

One thought on “The Most Valuable Lesson I’ve Learned So Far

  1. I recently had to reinforce this learned life skill. I felt myself harping on a traumatic experience, and much like yourself constantly re-enacting the scenario. At one point I had a moment with myself, where I said “If I die today would I want that to be my last thought?” I did not. I know it isn’t always an easy feat, but truly letting go and letting God will provide peace over your life and mind.


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