We are living in a dystopian world.

According to RAINN, every 68 seconds a person in America is sexually assaulted. This statistic is appalling. In America, one out of every six American woman will be a victim of rape or attempted rape. Reader, let that sink in.

The statistics on sexual assault is staggering. In addition to staggering statistics as it relates to sexual assault, the rate of single mothers living in poverty is high. A mother’s socioeconomic status has a direct relation to the quality of life her children may experience. When I refer to quality, I am not talking about toys, fancy clothing or cool tech gadgets children love. Rather, I am making a reference to access to quality healthcare, safe and stable housing, food security, and highly qualified educators.

In 2022, it is insane that there is even a conversation about the inherent rights a woman has to her reproductive organs. Women, whom are often the target of sexual crimes, whom more often than their male counterparts are primary caregivers to children (married or not), women whom often make less money than their male counterparts are literally at the will of the government as it relates to reproductive health access.

Now, I know abortion is a hot button topic, it has been in the past, it is currently and I am confident it will continue to be controversial years from now. No matter what one may deem right or wrong it is nerve wrecking to know that a woman’s personal decision about what she does and doesn’t do with her body is about to be non existent; all gone by the will of mostly white men.

I argue that those whom are poor, marginalized and of color will be the ones who are greatly affected by any decision that affects the landmark Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade. I cited some alarming statistics earlier in this piece regarding sexual assault, please dear reader, I don’t think it is just these women that deserve access to abortions if a pregnancy results from such a heinous violation. I believe a woman should have the right to have or not have a child based on her own personal decisions about her body, no one else should make that decision for her.

I think that if the leaked documents demonstrating a future abolishment of this landmark decision is eradicated I can not help but wonder what else the government will push to restrict. How many other inherent rights are in jeopardy? What are your thoughts dear reader? Please feel free to share if you’re comfortable. Blessings.

2 thoughts on “Expulsion

  1. Hearing this information sounds very troubling to me. It is so apparent the world is changing. Some would question: For who’s benefit? When I envision my body and the rights I have over it I never wonder what I can or can not do with it. I feel as long as I’m operating in an moral and ethical manner, there is no reason to change that belief system. I have tattoos on my many different parts of my body. That was my choice, and my right with my body. So it’s mind boggling a women, can’t have that same rights with hers. Especially with the topic of life. I pray for the sake of so many women this is not the fate that holds near.

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