Top 5 Random Items I Need Daily

Fresh coffee makes everything BETTER!


I literally don’t feel like my day has started until I have at least a 10oz cup of coffee! The first sip is always the one that gets my day going. When I’m not in work mode I love to get up earlier than my toddler, make a cup of coffee in a large wide mouth coffee mug and listen to NPR while leisurely scrolling through my timelines. If it’s summer time I will take my cup of coffee outside and people watch as the warm breeze blows through my hair. If I’m working, my coffee goes into a travel mug and I don’t even take the first sip until I’m well on my way to Harper’s preschool. The times when I don’t start my day with a cup of coffee I’m not in the mood for anything even slightly dramatic.

Rose-hip oil

Rosehip oil absorbs quickly into the skin.

What can I say about this amazing oil? I love it. After having my son my skin was a wreck. My hormones were still off and it showed in every blemish, pimple, and hyperpigmentation. I slathered on raw shea butter. I really didn’t think much about my skincare routine. However, the drastic changes in my skin postpartum forced me to really think about my skin care routine or lack thereof . One of the few things I do for myself is see an esthetician about once a month. Based on my skin type she suggested I avoid raw shea butter (on my face I still use it on my body) and try rose-hip oil instead. This oil has transformed my skin! I like when my skin looks dewy. The rose hip oil helps me achieve this look without clogging my pores. My skin feels more supple and youthful.

This is the perfect food!


Avocado, avocado, avocado, how I love thee! I enjoy avocado on toast with extra virgin olive oil and a shake of red pepper flakes; feel free to through soft scrambled eggs in this mix! OR, eating slices of avocado with a classic meal of rice, beans, (meat optional) makes me feel satisfied. Avocado is the perfect food, it’s very healthy and filling. I suggest tossing in cubes of avocado in a salad or made into fresh guacamole. Another great option is eating avocado with spicy hummus on flat bread.

Cellular Phone

There’s no doubt, my cell phone is EVERYTHING! I say this unapologetically. I am in awe how far the use of technology has come. I think I may be one of the last generation of people that routinely wrote letters! When I went to college in 2000 I distinctly remember having an address book and collecting all the addresses of my friends’ colleges. I wrote my sister during this time. I was in Virginia and she was in Pennsylvania. I looked forward to checking my dorm room mailbox eagerly awaiting responses from family and friends. During this time I did not have a cellphone. Everyone knew what time to call my dorm room (I honestly do not know how I survived!). I traveled abroad my junior year of college, and even then I did not have a cell phone. As a matter of fact, I did not get a cellular phone until after I graduated college in 2004 (I was late to the party!). I am far removed from who that young woman was, I use my phone for everything, purchasing items, paying bills, sending money, scanning documents, replying to emails ordering fun items for myself and my family. The list goes on and on, aside from watching my favorite pods, YouTube tutorials on hair, makeup and food vlogs I also use my phone to virtually window shop and fill virtual shopping carts!

Cellular use all day every day.

Silk Scarves

Along with my skin after giving birth, my hair also went through it! It was a bit traumatic because my hair loss happened about three months after giving birth. Out of nowhere, I was shedding, there was hair everywhere. Washing my hair was a traumatic experience as I watched clumps of hair falling. My hair went from being very thick and long to dry and brittle. I quickly went on the defense, referring to my trusted YouTube University, I started wearing a lot of protective hairstyles and keeping my head covered often. Little by little, by hair started to retain moisture, the shedding lessened and lessened. Over two years after giving birth, I still use scarves to keep my head covered as much as possible. I use silk scarves while I sleep every night as well as during the day. Scarves of various colors not only protects my hair, it also allows me to express myself artistically.

The more colors the better!

Scarves of different sizes and colors add a fun look to an outfit. I also like to make jumbo bows to add a bit of extra-ness to my overall look all the while my hair is safe and protected.

What about you dear reader, what are some items that you use on a daily basis that you would be lost without? I can’t wait to read your responses! Blessings.

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Random Items I Need Daily

  1. It’s always fun and fascinating discovering what individuals need for their daily lives. Thank you for sharing your list. My list differs consists of these five items. 1.) Gallon of water. It’s very important to stay hydrated. 2.) Shea Butter. I can’t afford to have dry skin, so I make it my business to stay moisturized. 3.) African Tree Hair Oil. I don’t have a ton of hair, but I feel it’s important, to keep my scalp and remaining hair very healthy. 4.) Cellular Phone. It’s my go to for important calls, music and just entertainment. 5.) Vitamins. Lastly, aside from food of course, I really try to maintain a healthy balanced diet. My daily vitamin intake, really helps with this goal.

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