Buffalo, With Love

It’s very early, not even six in the morning. I’ve been up for a while. Opening blinds and peeking at two plants I received recently that needed some severe TLC. The only sounds I hear are my own feet walking to and fro and the chirping of what seems like millions of birds.

I’m typing outside, the air is cool and one can see early morning dew everywhere. It feels good to be outside this early in a bustling city. It almost feels like the whole world is still asleep except for me and the birds.

There’s beauty in stillness. I quietly go on my timeline and click on a story about yet another mass shooting that’s happened in America (mass shootings are as synonymous with America as french fries and apple pie).

This time, it’s Buffalo, NY, a city that’s relatively close to me as it relates to the sheer size of this country. The article argues this mass shooting was racially motivated. Like others before, a young, white male has decided to end the lives of innocent black people (two were white) and here’s the shocker: he was taken in alive. This attack on humanity made me think of my son and our amazing time at a local park earlier in the week.

The weather was amazing, even after five o’clock the sun was still out, the air was warm and the sky was clear. “We are going to the park!” Harper was excited and he kicked his little legs back and forth in the car seat as we drove away from his preschool.

Once there, we parked and walked about ten minutes from the entrance to the area with a playground. Harper immediately let go of my hand and began to run towards the playground equipment. The playground was bustling with little people and relaxed parents. There was a mom happily blowing bubbles into the air and children swarmed her like bees to a sweet flower awaiting the expulsion of bubbles. They ran, they giggled as they all tried to catch the large and translucent spheres.

It was beauty at it’s best.

The benefit of living in a larger city is the diversity of people. There were black, brown and white children all swarming the playground, playing together, learning social cues as it relates to waiting one’s turn on the slide or just simply chasing bubbles together.

This is the America I love.

This is the beauty in what I’d like to believe all people aim for-a safe place to live not just for themselves but also for their children and loved ones.

Unfortunately, we are reminded that along with this innocence, evil does exist. People will get shot killed as they do the most routine activities like grocery shopping. When will it stop dear reader? When will we get to a place where our schools, churches, nail salons and grocery stores are safe?

After sharing the news of the shooting in Buffalo, someone near and dear to me responded with: “Do you see why I always have my gun on me?”





Share your thoughts dear readers, prayers to the lives lost yesterday and to their families. May God bless us all.

8 thoughts on “Buffalo, With Love

  1. Great read. I’m so glad that your baby had such an amazing reaction and experience playing with a diverse group of other babies. It’s beautiful to watch their sweet innocence and purity of their small interactions with others without judgement or bias.

    Although, the world in which we live can often times be a scary place of residence, you have articulated very well just how beautiful it can be in its most raw form. I will continue to pray for those who need peace and healing from so many senseless attacks on so many innocent people and hope that one day we will have Justice for all.

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  2. “When will it stop dear reader? When will we get to a place where our schools, churches, nail salons and grocery stores are safe?” When indeed! Heartbreaking, maddening – what is the answer? Seizing love and keeping the faith. And voting the assholes OUT.

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  3. “He was taken in alive” that’s an example of our value in this country.

    Great read. Prayers to the loved ones who are now mourning.

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  4. It is really is a sad and new-norm for us. I think of how complacent I get at times; at the playground with my son or enjoying a movie at a nearby cinema. Then that constant reminder resurfaces in my mind, “Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready!” I’m lawfully allowed to carry because I have fear for my safety and my family’s. If I am ever placed in a position to save anyone’s life, I wouldn’t dare to hesitate. An unfortunate reality we all now live in.

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    1. This is the most disheartening part of such tragedies, it has become a new norm. It is now “normal” for people to die in what used to be the safest places to be: school, church, grocery store, concerts, etc.


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