Simulation and Biological Data

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I have been intrigued with the advancement of artificial intelligence and the role it plays in our everyday lives. What are the chances that everything we are experiencing is not really real? Dear reader, do I sound absolutely off here or am I along with many others on to something?

There are theories out there that our very existence doesn’t really exist and rather we are a simulation. Could it be? Can every choice we make, every reaction to an action, every emotion, every high and low all just a simulated reality? Can those whom live by faith also believe in the idea that our existence is a simulation? I have many questions dear reader and I can’t wait to read your thoughts.


I remember listening to a podcast about how easily we as a society have share bio data easily and with little hesitation. I thought: NOT ME!

However, when they started talking about the ease in which we keep track of our calories consumed in one day, our heart rate during exercise, the number of steps we take in a day and for some women the tracking of owns ovulation, I thought: OH Shit! I too have fallen easily in the recording of bio data. Never mind the wave of those whom send off their DNA to learn more of their ancestry.

Little by little we have become comfortable with asking Alexa and Siri for everything from the weather to random facts. The ease in which we have become accustomed to technology in our everyday life (in a relatively short amount of time is truly staggering).

Technology has literally become an extension of our physical bodies. I have no qualms about leaving the house without my wallet, however, leaving the house without my cellphone?! I can’t do it. My phone has become a huge part of how I organize my life.

What are your thoughts dear reader? Are you able to spend the day without your phone? If you have done this, please share! Blessings.

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