The first heavy snow storm of the season brought a crispness to the air. The cold was harsh and unforgiving. Although I’m more of a fan of warmer weather I was looking forward to the snow. Meteorologists predicted heavy snow fall and I waited with an eagerness I haven’t experienced in years.


I know the cold doesn’t change the impact of rising Covid-19 cases and even though I knew many places were experiencing a surge from recent Thanksgiving travel; for some reason the cold air felt refreshing. It felt good every time I stepped outside and I was greeted with a brisk wind.


I remember coming to the stark realization that pessimistic people were still pessimistic even during a pandemic and that realization blew my mind! I was shocked how those whom were often grumpy and complained solely for complaining purposes still held that same attitude even when they themselves were still gainfully employed and thankfully haven’t lost a loved one to this insidious virus. However, I’ve also realized the very opposite. Those whom are optimistic and determined to push through no matter what continued to speak positivity to all around them even during these trying times.


During this holiday season with its cold temperatures and heavy snowfall-I’ve witnessed the beauty in the human condition. I’m honored to know people whom have gone above and beyond in doing for others. It felt imperative for us to have a holiday season where we really reached out to those whom needed human connection and isn’t that all of us? This experience of a pandemic, racial reckoning, global warming and how it’s directly related to social injustice, uncomfortable conversations (or lack there of) and drama filled politics has really forced me to prioritize what’s really important.


My conclusion: Nothing is more important than meaningful relationships and this includes the relationship one has with self.

What are your thoughts dear reader? What are your revelations about the current state of everything? Please share, I eagerly await your response.

2 thoughts on “GELIDITY

  1. This recent snow storm BLAST almost felt like a flashback of recent winters! It felt amazing to have a sense of normalcy with all the calamity surrounding us all. Unfortunately, the normalcy was in the form of snow, but hey I’ll take my blessings however they come. Yes!! Pessimistic individuals are yet and still pessimistic, even during a global pandemic. Instead my takeaways from this insidious virus, has truly been to appreciate the value of time, but more importantly life itself. We all know the saying, “Here today and gone tomorrow.” However, now with our current circumstances it really highlights the reality of this age old saying. As each passing day concludes, I attempt to look up and give thanks to the “most high”.

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