The Stories of Our Lives

I read a meme recently where it stated good things happen to good people. I agree with that, however, I also believe good things happen to not so good people and bad things happen to good people and bad things happen to not so good people.

Life happens to people, whether they’re deemed unsavory or not-that’s just life. I’d rather focus more on how I respond to the good and more unsavory events in life because the reality is life isn’t a flat line. It goes up and down with events that may change the direction of our paths. It doesn’t seem productive to always question the events we don’t like by pondering “Why me?! I’m a good person!” Rather, it’s more important to state, “Okay, how can I maneuver my way through this current shit show?”.

I believe challenges don’t always have to last forever and the good times will roll again (then stop and continue)! That’s the nature of life. The current state of our world has forever been changed as the pandemic continues to roar on, barreling through these United States with the vengeance of a broken hearted lover. States continue to scramble and fight to keep their economy growing while the current administration cries foul play as it relates to the results of the recent election.

One great lesson I have learned early on in this mess: good people continue to be good people even during an unprecedented time such as this. Those whom may be experiencing food insecurity, limited access to good healthcare and limited personal human interactions have still found a way to give themselves grace as well as extend that grace to others.

However, just as much as there is beauty that still finds a way to shed her light-the more unsavory parts of our humanity still exists. Judgement, shame and a blatant disregard for others still runs rampant in our virus infected streets.

The stories of our lives are filled with the bitter but also sweet morsels of joy and love. Dear reader, I wish you plenty of sweet and an undeniable strength as you face the bitter. Blessings.

One thought on “The Stories of Our Lives

  1. I was always the one to cry: “Why me? I’m a good person!” during unfavorable circumstances. I have now grown to accept the not-so-good life has to offer and in turn develop a strategy out of my unpleasant circumstances. It is also my belief these unpleasant circumstances will build us into a stronger person. A person that handles death, heartache, financial troubles with grit and grace. We will give be able to bounce back with a new found understanding as to what part “WE” may have played in our predicament.
    It will take that growth along with a tremendous level of patience in order to endure the transition our country is currently making.


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