The Holidays..

I remember being a kid during the holiday season and looking forward to Christmas. There was always a buzz in the air as we decorated the Christmas tree-I always took an audit of how many presents under the tree were actually for me, with five kids in the family-presents piled high and I often kept count of how many actually had my name on it! I remember always being annoyed at gifts that were clothes. I didn’t see the importance of new pajamas, sweaters, jeans and socks when what really mattered to me were new toys, art supplies and books!

While everything was covered in a blanket of  thick white snow and the wind howled outside, our home was always warm and bustling with activities. My mom always made Jamaican hot chocolate, she grated the actual coco nut down to a fine powdery substance before boiling it with condensed milk, water and bay leaves.

The holiday brings up warm memories of families and friends getting together, eating spicy Jamaican meals and everyone wearing their winter’s finest as we hopped from one family members’ house to another eating, laughing and telling stories old and new.

Fast forward a couple decades-I no longer take an audit of gifts under the tree with my name on it. Rather, my desires this holiday season have moved beyond materials found on Black Friday or even Cyber Monday. As my family continues to grow- I sit and reflect on what matters most to me. My siblings and I -always close-even more so now as we pray for continued health and safe arrivals of all whom we love near and far.

Please share dear reader, what do you hold close as we continue the holiday season-I happily await your comments. Peace and much love!

3 thoughts on “The Holidays..

  1. Anika! I remember us being apart of that Christmas memory. I remember being super young and our family coming over for dinner and reggae Christmas music playing in the background. As always your writing is making my mind go back to the good times.

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