The cold snow hit my face and the wind whipped my locs back and forth in a frenzy. Hard to believe a few days earlier the sun was out and I was walking around without a jacket or care in the world.

I waddled to my car-moving carefully to avoid slipping and getting the bottom of my mustard colored dress wet with the soft snow that was piling higher and higher all around me.

Today was a good day.

Although it was cold outside my heart was warm with back to back baby showers at work that left me feeling extremely thankful and humble by the love shown by others.

I was now headed to my family hosted baby shower. Many family members and friends already reached out expressing regret for not being able to attend -the cold northeastern weather will keep many away. “Totally understandable” I thought as I maneuvered my way through the city. This was a night to stay home, drink hot soup and watch Netflix.

I was thankful for so many reasons as I watched the family members and friends whom were able to brave the cold wind, snow flurries and barley shoveled roads to attend this joyous occasion.

Throughout the evening I happily accepted all compliments thrown my way as I danced, laughed, ate and chatted with the ones I held dear to my heart. Baby Harper was getting bigger and bigger everyday and the realization of this baby’s existence has become more and more real. This whole journey has left me more reflective than any past emotional breakdown or years of therapy.

I look at my mom differently, my sister as well. In actuality-I look at all mothers differently as I note their undeniable strength. Many women walk around not looking like what they’ve been through. All the “normal” symptoms of pregnancy has been kicking my ass. I have gotten many compliments of “you’re glowing” throughout the last eight months. And although it feels wonderful to hear-I don’t always feel like I’m “glowing”. I feel nauseated, sore and tired. A day that doesn’t begin with vomiting is always a good day. The preparation of sleepless nights and then eventually managing work and baby has left me in awe. I’m continually drawing strength from those around me that have being doing this for years (and looking quite good doing it too).

Thank you to those whose sent me messages on various social media platforms, text messages and in person conversations reminding me to be kind to myself. Your words of wisdom and own personal stories have kept me afloat as Harper prepares to enter this world. Any more suggestions please feel free to share. Blessings.