“We are born of love; Love is our mother” -Rumi

I’ve always wanted to be a mother.

I found joy in spending time with my nieces and nephews and young children in general. This love for children allowed me to become a teacher of young children and self professed educator for life.

And although I’ve always wanted to be a mom, as the years ticked on I found myself having a sly remark when I was asked about when I would have a baby of my own. The questions revved up once I got married.

I would do an internal eye roll and say something like: “Oh no, my eggs are old-no baby over here”.

Then one day-suddenly there was.

This discovery-unplanned and not a thought in my life at the time left me absolutely stunned and completely off kilter.

I was traveling abroad at the time of this discovery and I had an excuse for all the classic tell tale signs of early pregnancy. My boobs hurt, “Ughhhh, period on the way” I thought as I packed extra tampons for my trip.

Slight cramping. “Any day now“, I told myself internally as I made my way around the island nation of the United Kingdom. I gave the small signs little thought as I became reacquainted with Marks and Spencer, the Big Ben-as well as historic sites such as The Tate Modern and general maneuvering around London -places I haven’t visited since the age of nineteen.

The fatigue I experienced on this trip and hours and hours of sleeping(after months and months of not sleeping) I attributed to the time difference. Never once did I think I was in the early stages pregnancy, where a woman’s body does so much internal changes as it prepares to sustain and nurture a small and fragile life.

My priorities shifted immediately.

Any woman whom has been here knows what I mean. The sudden realization that “My life is not my own” takes on a meaning I didn’t understand initially when a mother told me this years ago when I sat perplexed about why she couldn’t and wouldn’t jet off with me during spring break over ten years earlier. I had no clue!

But now I do.

Dear reader, what were your thoughts when you discovered you were expecting? Also-please feel free to share any words of wisdom to a first time bio mom. I eagerly await. Blessings.

6 thoughts on ““We are born of love; Love is our mother” -Rumi

  1. I am not a mother, but a father of a healthy, loving son whom can manage to get on my nerves in 10 minuets, I often miss him when he’s not with me. The idea of parenting was so very new to me at the age of 20. I was very young and immature. It took a lot of help from family and self development to get to where I am today. Basically, surround yourself with people whom love you and are willing to help in your transition into motherhood. Discard negative and combative individuals because that energy isn’t helpful for you or the baby. Keep a healthy mind through prayer and exercise. Also, whenever possible, spend quality time with friends. That time will be valuable as well as not allow you to feel lonely. You don’t want the idea of becoming a mom, resulting in you wearing a badge of boredom and lack of a social life. I hope this helps…..

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