It’s amazing how our lives are ruled by choices.

As I continue to reflect on choices made in the past and recent choices made now I’m in awe at how quickly my life can shift from one gear to another. Life choices made at a very young age has changed the trajectory of my life. Most I would like to think are for the better.

Some I question.

Although I may question some choices I’ve made in the last few years I remind myself that regret is not an option.

All dreams must be pursued-no matter what. There is no room for “what if”, but rather “now what?”. Plans must be made-a back up plan  for the back up plan must be written down, drawn up and imagined.

Love must always be pursued-often that love is self-love. Even at our lowest, we must remember who the fuck we are and push on. No regrets, no looking back-with the pursuit of happiness as a motivator to keep pursuing dreams.

What are some past and present choices you’ve made that has changed the trajectory of your life? I eagerly await your answer. Blessings.

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