It’s amazing how our lives are ruled by choices. As I continue to reflect on choices made in the past and recent choices made now I’m in awe at how quickly my life can shift from one gear to another. Life choices made at a very young age has changed the trajectory of my life. […]

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“Women Want To Too”

I remember being a freshman at Hampton University. I was 17 years old, hours away from home and still very much a virgin. The idea of sex fascinated me. At this time, many of my friends were losing their virginity and I basked in their retelling of how they lost it and what they did […]

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Words Come…

Words come way before they are written. I dream them. I’ve  always dreamed in words, phrases, sentences and whole paragraphs. They would gently pull me out of a deep slumber or even a light nap. When I was younger (and read more) the current book I would be reading would find its way into my […]

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When Love Just Isn’t Enough

One thing  I learned after being admitted into a psychiatric hospital two times in two years are strategies in managing stress. I have learned how to recognize triggers and I have found constructive ways in giving myself self-care. This may mean knowing when it’s time to take a mental health day from work, increase physical […]

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