“Food For The Body Is Not Enough. There Must Be Food For The Soul”-Dorothy Day

Those that know me, know my first love is food. Aside from busting out moves on the dance floor-I grew up in the kitchen.

As a child I learned early on how to strip the skin off of chicken thighs and clean out the crevices. I learned how to properly wash the chicken with white vinegar and how to season and marinate the meat for cooking.

I also learned that cutting up white onions will cause eye irritation and cutting yellow yam will also irritate one’s skin.

I was taught the right water/flour ratio needed when making boiled dumplings or that a small amount of baking powder added to all purpose flour will create soft fried dumplings (add some white sugar if you like a little sweetness to your fried dumplings). I learned cornmeal porridge needs constant stirring to avoid lumps.

I quickly learned the smell of pan fried tomatoes and onions will lift any downtrodden spirit. The perfect pot of white fluffy rice may be achieved without ever using a measuring cup.

I used to love when my mom came home from a long day of work. I would proudly thrust out my chest declaring that I did it all!

“I made it all by myself” I would exclaim as my stepfather looked on warily. My mother praised my efforts as she ate his restaurant worthy rice and peas flavored with rich coconut milk. His tender oxtails fell off the bone as she sipped on homemade carrot juice ( I also took credit for making).

Her approval meant everything to me back then (and still does).

As an adult I continue to enjoy cooking at home. I also enjoy the whole dining experience-whether it’s a meal I enjoy alone or with close  friends and family.

The art of cooking brings me great joy. With that in mind I have decided to highlight local black food businesses that has demonstrated exceptional artistry.

This series is appropriately titled: An Interview in the Kitchen

Please stay tuned as I share with you the stories behind these local black businesses. Their attention to detail has brought me back to a simpler time with just one bite. Until next time, go forth in love.

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