“If It Takes Money To Be Happy, Your Search For Happiness Will Never End”. -Bob Marley

As children during the summers in Connecticut my siblings and I would always blow dandelions petals.

As we inhaled a mouthful of air our cheeks would swell like round balloons. We’d close our eyes and make a wish as we exhaled.

Dandelion petals swirled around us and we smiled knowing that one day our wishes would come true.

I always wished to be rich.

I never had a dollar amount in mind, just enough to buy endless toys!

As a child that’s what money meant to me-money equaled toys and toys equaled happiness.

Presently I often ask myself :What makes me happy?

As an adult I no longer desire an endless amount of toys. And years ago, prior to my mental breakdowns I would argue that money was all I needed to be happy. Back then my thinking was money equaled happiness.

My curiosity was piqued. How would my family and friends answer this question: what are the first three things that come to mind that makes you happy?

I was curious about how many times people would mention money as a qualifier to happiness.

Using rather unscientific methodology: I sent out text messages to friends and family. A total of 32 people took part in this research “study”. Of the 32 responses less than 10% mentioned money. What’s interesting to note is they didn’t mention anything about endless money, but rather financial security and independence.

100% of participants included family and friends as a reason that made them happy.

I’m not sure if it’s because I know all these people (they don’t all know each other) but it didn’t surprise me that they all mentioned family and friends  as a qualifier to happiness.

If I were to include myself in this “research” I too would have included family and friends as a qualifier to happiness. Money no longer seems like an appropriate answer for me. Like those in the survey-the presence of family and friends has become a central theme in my life.

I honestly don’t think I would be alive today without my family and friends. Their presence in my life leaves my cup forever overflowing with unmeasurable wealth and fortune. Please allow me to pose the very same question to you dear reader:

Please respond with the first three things that come to mind: what makes you happy?

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