On The Other Side…

Finding myself on the other side of two mental breakdowns over the course of two consecutive years changed me. There’s pre breakdown Anika and post breakdown Anika.

A close friend told me after my first hospitalization that there’s no way you’re the same after experiencing what you’ve experienced. She was right.

I’m not the same-I don’t see the world the same as pre antidepressants, pre weight gain, pre self-isolation, pre-mental health facility.

Maybe there’s someone out there that can relate: if you’re blessed to see the other side of all above mentioned you feel like God has given you a second chance-a second chance to get it right.

The most amazing feeling is to wake up and not stay in bed all day-to reach out to the ones you love-make plans and literally hit the ground running.

The flip side of my emergence from the cloudy fog of depression is I don’t tolerate the same things I once did. Dysfunction-ineffective communication and pure slackness is no longer tolerated.

I’m here! I’m well -and with this new opportunity of life; with a clear and sound mind I can’t take the bullshit. Not anymore.

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