Our Story To Tell…

Yesterday was one of those days. You know what I’m talking about, the kind of day where all normal routines seems to go haywire. My thirty minute commute with Harper turned into a three hour journey through the congested roadways of Fairfield County. The rain as well as the reckless driving of frustrated truckers weaving […]

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“…then you ain’t black!”

This has been a monumental weekend and it’s not over yet! I don’t even know where to start! The most hype I’ve seen from Joe Biden’s camp since quarantine has been their damage control after Biden’s controversial comments on The Breakfast Club with Charlemagne Da God. There’s always been this assumption that the Democratic Party […]

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Our New Normal

It’s amazing how quickly things have changed. In a matter of months we went from shaking hands, hugging, and standing close together to social distancing. I for one coveted the concept of happy hour dates as I waited to give birth. Never in a million years did I think I’d still be waiting for that […]

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Love In the Time of Corona

Love. You find out real quick what’s real and what’s not when you’re living that quarantine life. Unfortunately the coronavirus continues to have a large influence on our everyday life. Kids are home from school-many are working from home (IF they’re still gainfully employed) and life as we know it is forever changed. At this […]

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The Inequality Crisis

Among the myriad Covid-19 news reports one that stood out to me (for obvious reasons) was the data collected around whom is dying at a higher rate from this insidious disease. Black and brown people. I can’t say I’m surprised. This pandemic has ripped the band aid off the many inequalities that exist and thrive […]

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Self Isolation Has Taught Us…

The daily use of social media is so normalized-we almost forgot how much we thrive on real time social interaction. We can sit here and make a list of all the negative and positive attributes of social media. I’ve always noted how social media has increased the level of social awkwardness between individuals whom may […]

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We Have to Stop

It’s so important to pay special attention to how you’re treated. And I’m not talking about when times are good-oh no the real measure of how well your partner, your friends, your family and hell even your job cares about you is how you’re treated in times that are unpredictable and challenging. That’s when you […]

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Let’s Go Mr. President !

I’m not an economist. I didn’t even take economics in college (I should have). As a matter of fact I’m not that great with numbers (more of a words person-can you tell?!). Nevertheless, I’m a novice with numbers but I can calculate accurate costs as it relates to percentages off sale items and my ability […]

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What’s Really Going On?

The last few weeks have been a hasty tempest! Aside from the fact that I’m writing this new piece with my new baby in my arms -life has been like one squall after the other to say the least! Quick update: Harper Levi is here and well. He was born at 6 pounds and 10 […]

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