Words Come…

Words come way before they are written. I dream them. I’ve  always dreamed in words, phrases, sentences and whole paragraphs. They would gently pull me out of a deep slumber or even a light nap. When I was younger (and read more) the current book I would be reading would find its way into my […]

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When Love Just Isn’t Enough

One thing  I learned after being admitted into a psychiatric hospital two times in two years are strategies in managing stress. I have learned how to recognize triggers and I have found constructive ways in giving myself self-care. This may mean knowing when it’s time to take a mental health day from work, increase physical […]

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Revisioning the Black Father

  I grew up without a father, however, I am blessed to have mother that raised me. My mother’s love for me runs  deep. As I mentioned in my earlier post,  “You’re Pretty, For A Dark Skinned Girl”it was my mother’s dedication and reminder of my uniqueness  that carried me through challenging times. I was taken […]

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