Just Like That!

Just like that, the world changes. In an instant…all the time. The one thing guaranteed in this life is constant change. There’s always so much happening on a macro and even micro level. The environment around us-changes. Our bodies-changes. Our relationships-changes. Even the ways of the universe, big and small-changes; just like that!

There are ebbs and flows that carry us through the day to day. In one moment, everything may seem okay, however, in the next moment everything is not. I have worked really hard to be intentional with my time and my thinking. At this point I do not question when something happens in my life that is heartbreaking or worrisome. I have learned that life happens, good, bad and indifferent. The focus has shifted to not questioning why something has happened, but rather how I will react to it.

I recently celebrated my son’s third birthday. A few weeks before actually turning three, Harper asked me every day: “Momma, am I three?” (He would hold up three small fingers, with his head to one side as he awaited an answer). I would always say, “Not yet, but soon”. He would say, “Oooooook”.

And just like that: my baby was three! This was the first birthday were he was able to truly comprehend and celebrate his big day. There are moments through the everyday comings and goings of life I have to stop and give thanks. I give thanks for a clear mind, I give thanks for a healthy child and I give thanks for close family and friends and the time I am able to share with those I love.

With a heart full of gratitude and am internal reminder to always find the beauty within the chaos, I push forth with the knowledge that just like that: it can all change. May your heart be full and your lives continually be enriched, until next time dear readers: blessings.

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