What is the essence of life? Why, dear reader are we here? I know these are existential questions and depending on when you’re reading this, it may be too early (or too late). However, it’s questions we need to ask ourselves in order to stay centered and whole. Well, I know for one thing we are not here to only work and pay bills. It’s all too easy to fall into a rut. We can become almost robotic in the way we move about our daily life.



These are questions that must be explored regularly because as you know, there’s a lot going on socially and politically in this country. We have experienced rampant gun violence in the new year, so much so I can’t even keep up! The rising cost of food (have you been in the egg aisle lately?!) as well as the back and forth rhetoric we see happening in our nation’s capitol has left many disillusioned. Where do you go from here dear reader? After the work day is over, the bills are paid and the budget is squeezed until it can not be squeezed anymore what’s next? We must continue to find the beauty in the chaos. I strongly believe that we are not here to ONLY work and pay bills. Rather, there has to be time made for self-care, personal growth and FUN!

Whatever brings you joy should hold as much space in your life as the responsibilities we bare.

Through my therapeutic work, personal conversations with friends, acquaintances and even strangers I know many people are not in the midst of their true self. They are so focused on the big and small things that fill their lives with the mundane. Often, many are drained, saddened and don’t even know who they are because their lives are filled with the robotic actions that are lacking in humanity. We need to get back to true balance. True balance means taking care of the responsibilities as an adult but still carving out time for self. This may look differently for different people. One person may find joy in hiking in the woods, while others may find joy in the middle of the dance floor and of course there are others who may find joy and peace in both!

What are your thoughts dear reader?

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