How are you? Aside from inflation, inconsistent grocery items at your favorite grocery store and good ‘ole traffic, how’s your health? As of this writing, it’s safe to assume that you know someone or you in fact are that someone that has experienced a respiratory illness. A few weeks ago I found myself struggling to breathe. I felt like I was engulfed in a sea of thick, gooey mucus! My lungs ached and I immediately thought, here we go, this must be pneumonia…again. Without hesitation I found myself at the doctor where I was diagnosed with a bronchitis and an asthma flare up. Armed with antibiotics, steroids and an inhaler I found myself making it back to the other side of pain free breathing.

I am not alone. Many people across the state and the country at large have found themselves sick, or found themselves caring for someone that is dealing with a respiratory issue. Here in Connecticut, many adults as well as children are impacted by the flu. Unfortunately, children have been hit hard this season with a spike in RSV.

Children are getting sicker than usual with RSV infections with many ending up in the hospital. There has been an illusion that we have turned the corner as it relates to the Covid-19 pandemic. Although this illusion brought along a sense of false security, I have come to realize we are in the midst of a continued public health crisis.

Helpful Tips

Dear reader, take heed: continue to wash your hands frequently, especially when you use public services such as pin pads at the grocery store or ATM machines. Always sneeze in your elbow and avoid touching your face, rubbing your eyes and even putting your fingers in your mouth without washing your hands first.

Although the prices at the grocery stores are high, try your best to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, now is not the time to skip on the nutritious foods found on the perimeter of the grocery store (if one has a smaller budget for fresh produce visit a mobile food pantry-they always offer fresh produce among other staples). Always stay hydrated with water. Please stock up on lemons, honey, ginger, turmeric and garlic. These wholesome and simple food staples may help build your immunity as you go about your day in this virus infected world.

It’s also important to get a good nights rest regularly. It is through deep sleep that our bodies are able to recover itself, sleep also aids in a healthy immune system. It’s interesting to note, I know many people who struggle with getting a good nights rest. Some are impacted by their work schedule others are just unable to quiet their minds in order to fall asleep. It’s important to note, like children adults also need a bedtime routine to ensure proper sleep. Although a challenge, it’s important to stay away from devices when unable to sleep. The light will keep you awake and rob you of the much needed sleep your body needs for rest and healing.

What your thoughts dear reader? What home made remedies keeps the germs and viruses away? I’m looking forward to your responses. Blessings.


Here’s a link to the CT Mobile Food Pantry.

4 thoughts on “Resistant

  1. Thanks for this good reminder on protecting ourselves. I’m sorry you were ill and hope your little one is and stays well. I have been sloppy recently, about wearing masks but think it’s a great practice. And yes, I also make a regular brew of lemon, turmeric, ginger. I always say, better to pay for good food than the doctor!

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  2. Most recently I too overcame an illness involving respiratory issues and it was alarming! I am the picture of perfect health. However, that mindset did not serve me well and definitely attributed to my recent need for medical attention. As a result, I’ve adopted better ways to aid in a more healthier lifestyle. 1.) face shielding when deemed appropriate 2.) thorough hand washing or sanitizing, whenever utilizing publicly used equipment 3.) better eating habits, that would ensure a stronger immune system.

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