Viva Voce: Earth Has Spoken

A few weeks ago, I began and ended my day without a jacket. I didn’t wear the obligatory scarf, nor did I have a need for layered clothing (often typical in New England). Rather, I dressed appropriately for a sunny spring day. It was great! I like beginning and ending my day with the sun high in the sky. I am never one to wear bulky jackets, therefore my jacket-free attire seemed to set a tone that today would be a good day (wink wink Ice Cube). 

Although I loved being free of all my Fall necessities, I must say that the reality of what seventy degree weather meant in November was not lost on me. What the hell are we doing to our Earth? I know there are many out there who deny the fact that our Earth is not changing, however, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude there are significant things happening in real time to this planet we call home. 

I remember being an elementary school kid and waking up to piles upon piles of white snow. My siblings and I would run to the window, hands splayed across the glass with our faces pressed squarely on the surface. The entire world was blanketed with whiteness. It looked so clean and fluffy! Often, school was not cancelled. We were given hot cornmeal porridge, buttered Jamaican hard dough bread and peppermint tea. Back then, we had our boots, jackets, scarves, hats, mittens and of course layer on layer of Vaseline on our faces, hands and entire body to keep the ash away. With that, we were sent to wait at the bus stop and later as middle schoolers we walked the few miles to school.

Winters in the eighties and nineties were just that, WINTER. The air was vivacious and brisk and many of us believed our fingers would be frozen forever as we threw snowballs at each other as we made our way to and from school. These memories are sealed permanently in my mind. Those were good times, we of course made snow men (and women), igloos and slid down temporary icy steps that miraculously turned into a frozen slide. As I sit here and type, I am trying to rack my brain for the last time we had a snowfall in New England that mirrored that of winters in eighties and nineties. Readers, I can not recall.

I am always hearing news alerts about the change in weather patterns, scientist warn we must adapt to a change in severity of storms, forest fires as well as the decreased populations of myriad of animals whose natural habitats are disappearing in real time. It’s quite alarming to think where we will be in the next ten to twenty years or even the next five. The Earth has spoken, she cannot be mirthful with the current state of events.

What are your thoughts dear reader? Blessings.

2 thoughts on “Viva Voce: Earth Has Spoken

  1. It’s a sin what humanity has done to Mother Earth with global warming. The reality of climate change means that our descendants might never know the kind of winter wonderland you’ve described. But it’s not too late for everyone to do their parts to lessen our carbon footprint. Thank you for your post!

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