The Most Beautiful Thing

Here is what I have learned to love so much about life: One may always get back up!

I have found through my own trials and tribulations that nothing lasts forever. Sleepless nights, heartache, confusion, insecurities and sadness does not have to be a permanent fixture. Rather, these moments can be used as small lessons that may carry you through to the other side.

As I am quickly approaching my 40th birthday (still can’t believe it) I take stock and reflect often on the past twenty years. Twenty years ago I was still an underclassman in college meandering my way through life. I studied hard and partied hard as well. Even back then I relished in the ability to have balance. I was still new to the world of dating and being away from home. I was able to really learn more about myself while studying hours and hours away from home. Fast forward almost twenty years later. There appears to be more white hairs that litter the crown of my head. I have experienced many milestones like marriage, pregnancy and motherhood. At this time in my life I am able to see the world anew through the perspective of my most prideful creation, my son.

Through years of therapy, I have learned more about myself as it relates to how I view the world and those around me. The most beautiful thing I have taken from my weekly sessions is to be able to acknowledge those whom I love, flaws and all. I have learned to accept people for who they are without always saying, “Why can’t _______ be more like ______”. I have also learned to recognize my own shortcomings and areas of improvement (not always an easy thing to acknowledge). However, there is fundamental power in knowing exactly what one excels in and what one may need to work on.

I delight in the ability to always wake up and try again. Allowing myself to have a growth mindset has propelled me to think the unimaginable and to hold myself accountable for all that I can do better when it comes to my relationships with those I hold dear.

Back in 2019, I wrote a piece titled, I am Forever Young; Except My Knees, My Knees are Old. In this post I discuss the importance of shopping on the perimeter of the grocery store and paying close attention to labels. As I reflect on where I was then and where I am now, I can proudly admit that I do eat better most of the time. I love fresh veggies, especially avocado (a win for my toddler’s persnickety pallet) but I must say, I also love sweets, my Achille’s heel.

Although in the grand scheme of the universe, the years and years that Earth has existed, 40 years is not much. Rather, it’s nothing more than a blink of the eye as we take into account the sheer size of the existence of the universe. Neil De Grasse Tyson stated it best in Astrophysics for People in a Hurry

The universe has grown to a few lightyears across, about the distance from the Sun to its closest neighboring stars. For the first billion years, the universe continued to expand and cool as matter gravitated into the massive concentration we call galaxies.

The sheer size of Earth, our solar system and the universe in general makes it even more important for me to squeeze out every ounce of good I can get from this life. The good also includes the bad, the sad and the heartbroken because theses moments allow for me to cherish the good times even more.

What about you dear reader? How did you celebrate milestone events in your life? Can’t wait to read your responses. Blessings.

4 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Thing

  1. First and foremost congratulations on your 40TH birthday celebration. I am presently 39 years of age. Much like yourself, I’ve found myself in reflection mode on these occasions. I’m very concerned with growth and how it pertains to my shortcomings. Being a better version of myself has allowed me to explore new things and brought new obstacles as well. I welcome it all-the good, the bad, the and indifferent. Life is filled with so many twists and turns, it’s best to be adaptive to remain afloat. I’m not really huge on people, but a select few have made it into my inner circle. It is because of their love, constructive criticism and constant support I am able to push forward. Life is not meant for us to go through alone.

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