How much is too much connection? Is there even such a thing? As human beings in an ever-changing world, are we too connected? Are we experiencing information overload?

Please don’t get me wrong dear reader. I LOVE technology, I love it so much I got an advanced degree in educational technology years ago. I found the joy of using technology with young children in an elementary classroom. The joy on my students faces as they listened to their original story in their own voices left them in awe. The walls that separated home and school lessened as family and friends could listen to their loved ones’ voices read their stories on our classroom website. My young writers were proud and enthusiastically continued writing in order to get to the recording stage of the process.

I love the ease of technology.

Whatever I want I can get with a click of a button. We are at a point in our society, where we don’t have to leave home if we don’t want to. Those whom are able to work from home may also order take-out, groceries, pay bills, socialize and even date online. We’ve learned from the recent pandemic, we can even attend school online. Those in the world of education and many parents (specifically those with special needs children) all over the country have learned that virtual schooling may not be the most effective. The limited time spent with in person interaction with teachers and fellow peers left many students grappling with depression and anxiety.

What other things within our society are not as effective online? Here’s what I know to be true: in my humble opinion, we are in need of old school in person socialization. As much as I acknowledge the ease of technology, I must say there’s a need for more human connection. Our bubbles need to be popped! We are all walking around in our own versions of reality and literally missing out on what it means to have in person human connections.

This, dear reader, will ultimately be our downfall; that is if global warming doesn’t annihilate us first.

Have we lost the art of human connections? Do we need human connections? It seems to me that we are all living, to a certain extent, in our own bubbles of reality. We have curated timelines based on artificial intelligence-ads marketed specifically to our likes/dislike and even how long our eyes may linger on images, words, and phrases. It is nice, isn’t it? We have our own curated worlds of whatever we want it to be. The question is, what are we losing from these bubbles?

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