Deep Learning: Neural Networks

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Hey there reader! I’m back and once again down my rabbit hole of familiarizing myself with the unfamiliar.

What does social network filtering, email spam filtering, diagnosing cancer, cybersecurity, coastal engineering, the stock market, self driving cars, facial recognition, 3D reconstruction, gesture, speech, as well as handwriting recognition all have in common?

Neural Networks!

The more I conduct my pseudo-research on technology, cryptocurrency, and NFTs, I have tripped into the world about neural networks. At first, the only thing that came to mind when I read the phrase neural network has been what I’ve learned over the years as it relates to animal neurons, synapses and nerves. At some point or another I’ve learned the importance of staying sharp as one ages by reading, doing puzzles and challenging oneself in order to keep the neurons in one’s brains active and working.

The neurons found in human beings are the blue print for neural networks. In a nutshell neural networks are computerized neurons that are able to transmit information from one neuron to another. This technology wasn’t created over night, however with time it has become more sophisticated with the learned objective. In essence this is the foundation of artificial intelligence (AI).

Although I mentioned above the many examples of where one may find the use of neural networks I am particularly interested in the use of neural networks as it relates to social media and the filtering of images and language. There’s been a huge debate around the the role of social media platforms and the concept of misinformation, free speech and the role it plays in a democratic society.

I know for me personally there has been a few instances where my own posts have been flagged for violating community rules on a platform. I learned later the flagging is not done by an actual person but rather by artificial intelligence. It is only through my rebuttal of such flagging that a human takes over the review (allegedly) before my posts were allowed to be displayed on the platform.

Another interesting encounter with AI was when I was in Las Vegas for a business trip. There was a virtual butler I was able to use via text to share information with me regarding pool hours, parties at the hotel where I was residing as well as near by hotels. This butler even gave me wake up calls at my requests. This butler communicated immediately with information for every question and or request I asked.

To be honest dear reader, it was eerie. I remember texting my virtual butler: “Are you a computer or a human?” The response: “I’m a little bit of both”. Some other memorable things happened on this trip you may read here.

What are your thoughts on neural networks, our dependence on artificial intelligence and our current world?

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts dear readers, blessings!

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