CoComelon Nation

CoComelon runs the world. Okay, maybe not the world, but this popular children’s show has dominated the households with young children all over America and the world at large. My household has succumbed to the mesmerizing songs and images of a picturesque family and their community. The songs are contagious and I find myself hopping up to dance alongside my toddler to classic nursery songs with a twist.

JJ’s teacher, Ms. Appleberry, has a well organized classroom with students whom represent the diversity of the land in which we live. I’ve often watched my son mimic their moves as they move around their classroom participating in arts and crafts, games and even yoga. In the world of CoComelon the students attend school without masks as this imaginary world of singing and dancing permeates throughout each episode.

It’s interesting to watch the young students exploring the world around them, mask-less and pandemic free. They learn through their social interactions (like all young children) minus the constant reminder to pull up their masks.

There’s even one episode where the kids are at lunch and JJ and his friends become more familiar with each other as they try each other’s distinct food. This reminds me of what it was like at my school lunch table years ago where students traded lunches and snacks without a care in the world. The very concept of young children swapping food with a disregard to germs and viruses sends a chill down my spine. I can’t even imagine when this innocent childhood act can ever come back under the careful watch of apprehensive and exhausted teachers.

Our current state of at home Covid-19 testing, free masks distributions and school closures has turned our world topsy turvy. I look at my young son and realize how mask wearing, frequent video calls and limited visitors at home are completely normal to him. He doesn’t know anything else. He’s currently too young to wear a mask as he attends preschool. However, within a year if things don’t change there will be an expectation for him to mask up like millions of school aged children all over the world. The very reality of this saddens me as I know this is best practice in keeping him as well as others in school.

Like the characters in CoComelon, my son continues to explore the world around him and in essence learns and grows each day.

I’d like to give a quick shout out to all the kids whom hit milestones during this time, graduations, college admissions and finding ways to stay above water during this time has not been easy. Kudos to you for never stopping and pushing through, even when your milestone events like prom, graduation, and your first year of college looks a lot different than you could have ever imagined. Keep working hard and strive for the stars, this too shall pass. Blessings.

4 thoughts on “CoComelon Nation

  1. This was great to read!! Keep the interesting articles coming!!

    As this pandemic takes over our world and our lives, at times it’s hard to teach my struggling readers. When they can’t pronounce words correctly, I try saying the word so they can hear. I do it multiple times and realize that I need to take mask off so they can see my mouth and the way they have to roll their tongue in order to better pronounce the words. Then they practice again and pronounce the word correctly.
    We’re all trying the best we can and it can be frustrating. 😔
    Stay safe!!

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    1. Thank you. Yes, teaching with a covered face is extremely difficult especially with children whom may have some speech delays or articulation concerns. As an adult I’m guilty of sometimes nodding in agreement or giving a brief chuckle when I’m not to clear on what the muffled speaker has said. Younger children need to actually see your mouth move in order to learn how to speak. There are clear masks that show mouths but fog up often. Much blessings and safety to you as you continue to work with society’s children.


  2. Beautiful piece — and I keep scrolling up to look at this fantastic photo – your gorgeous, gorgeous son and the joy on both of your faces! I hope this will pass and be a blip in our memories – and not even remembered by the little ones like your son. And keep laughing and smiling with that little guy of yours!

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