I’m elated.

Looking back on milestone moments in my life I’ve always felt a certain level of excitement to the unknown. Whenever I couldn’t comfortably predict an outcome there was always a certain level of fear but also joy in not knowing what will happen next.

I think the earliest memories of the sheer joy and fear of the unknown was the start of a new school year. I’d run my hands over new pencils, tapping my finger lightly on the pointed tips. I would squeeze and then release my hold on flat pink erasers, rub my hands over two pocket folders that were shiny and uncreased. I marveled at my new scandals or brand new sneakers that were spotless in a corner next to new clothes that had tags freshly popped. A new bag pack awaited use and often was laid out next to all my new clothing and supplies.

I find myself at this place again. I’m experiencing joy to the unfamiliar as I transition out of one role and into another. The sheer joy of the unknown literally has me giddy with excitement. During quiet moments of reflection I find myself talking to God.



In awe.

I’m here. I’m ready to step into the unbeknownst with my heart filled with jubilation.

How do you feel about changes to what is familiar dear reader? Please share. Blessings.

9 thoughts on “J U B I L A T I O N

  1. Fear and joy duke it out constantly with me! Change is in the offing for me too but it’s me getting ready for my daughter to move across the country – the launch that was delayed a year already. As a mom, you can imagine! So what exciting launch are you making? Can’t wait to hear.

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