There’s this beautiful place between sleep and wake. It’s a bit hazy, but beauty resides here none the less. Words often come at a slow trickle or at the speed of a pouring spout. At times the words themselves appear from nothing more than a light touch often so thin and fragile they disappear before I can fully grasp their meaning.

During times of transitions and great change I find myself here. Still. Quiet. Listening. Looking. I know it’s God’s grace urging me to slow down and listen.

Feel. Deeply. Breathe. In. Out. Hold breath. Wait.


I spoke recently with a colleague about God’s way of giving us signs. In the everyday, the mundane and the routines of our lives.

“Yes, he shows us signs all the time we just have to pay attention”, she says this with a confidence one only has when their faith is strong.

“Yes! It’s true”, I nod as we quietly look at each other thinking of the many signs shown to us in recent times.

As I lay here writing in the early morning hours I know the world outside hustles along. There’s rising gas prices and political unrest in nearby Haiti with the recent assassination of that country’s President. I have daily conversations around Covid-19 and the new dominant strain that’s found it’s way to the US.

Buzz words like self care and environmental justice continue to float around my world as hours tick by and the routines of the everyday continue to permeate my days.

After way too many months to count I have found myself back in the gym. The use of free weights, treadmills and dance bars leaves me thrilled and excited as I’ve been removed from this space for so long. It is here, with the increased pumping of my heart and drenched in sweat that my mind fully clears. All the clutter is unpacked and I’m truly feeing whole again.

Where and how do you declutter dear reader? I eagerly await your responses. Blessings.


6 thoughts on “Hypnagogic

      1. Great piece!!
        You write very well.
        I find cooking makes me feel tranquil.
        There’s something about being in the kitchen mixing herbs and spices together that takes my mind away from everything happening around me.
        This makes me feel very calm, like I’m in my own world.

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  1. Lovely piece…my way of decluttering is through fitness. I totally agree with your sense of clarity afterwards. There is a peacefulness that rest over me following a really intense workout. It’s really good that you were able to find your way back after COVID. Also, it’s definitely a blessing to slow down and appreciate God’s work.

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