“Keep Your Face to the Sunshine”

The only constant I can depend on is change.

As the weather begins to warm I find myself waking up to rays of sunlight peeking through my windows, the dark and frigid winter mornings have been replaced with a cool and sun filled sky. Snow boots, scarves and thick sweaters have been replaced with cotton sun dresses and a cardigan with bright, chunky jewelry for a pop of color.

It’s easier to choose happiness on days that begin with the sun. Whenever possible I try to hold work meetings outside just to sit underneath the warm rays of what I now acknowledge as hope. A hope for a better tomorrow filled with more laughter than tears, more joy than tension headaches and more time spent at a park than in traffic.

The last few months I’ve found myself not writing, but often, during a quiet moment thinking of writing. Those moments have often been drowned out by the obligatory events that must happen in order to keep a sense of normalcy and consistency, not only for my toddler (whom thrives on a schedule) but also for myself.

As I sit and reflect upon the last few months (filled with personal losses as well as unknown tomorrows ) it has been clear to me that strict schedules and body scrubs are nice, however I must find a way to create space for words (published or just in draft form) as well as more consistent exercise and completing a book.

As you reflect upon the last month or so what are some goals you have for yourself as we find ourselves barreling towards the summer season? Looking forward hearing your private and public responses; blessings to you dear reader.

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