In Medias Res

It’s Election Day.

Connecticut’s coronavirus positivity rate has spiked rather quickly, as with many other parts of the country.

There are still two distinct groups of people: those whom believe in the severity of covid and those whom do not.

Well maybe there’s a third group-one whom recognize it’s serious but can’t fully jump on board as it relates to following best practices because the onslaught of information changes so often from the beginning of what feels like the prequel to a dystopian nightmare. We are in medias res; right in the middle of a never ending shit show.

Those whom we look to for guidance and support often have changing information, misinformation and a clear sense of prioritizing money over lives.

Here’s one thing I know to be true: no matter whom is declared winner of this election we as a society are in for a cruel ride. It’s like we’re all on a roller coaster and we know some of our seatbelts are faulty. We just don’t know who will stay strapped in and who will fall out and plummet to their death.

As the shit continues to fly let us continue to give each other and ourselves grace for we need it now more than ever.


2 thoughts on “In Medias Res

  1. I definitely feel the sense of uncertainty regardless of who’s declared the victor. At times, in midst of this pandemic, I wonder when will it end? What does that look like? Will life as I once knew it ever return? As I juggle with these thoughts and my hopes for this election, my religious beliefs remain prevalent. May God bless us all. He is the only true source of peace and calm.

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