Beauty Within the Chaos

Life has been coming at me hard!!

There’s a daily reminder that I’m growing a life-a life that’s becoming more and more of a reality as every movement and symptom of third trimester of pregnancy humbles me-often with tears as I cry more easily now than I’ve ever cried in my entire life. Oh and let’s not forgot the peeing. Every action results in peeing (mothers out there know exactly what I’m talking about!).

What a humbling experience.

Aside from what has been a life changing journey for myself -life itself continues. Being pregnant isn’t the only thing happening in my own life nor the lives of others within my circle. Work must still be completed, bills must still be paid, and everyday life is still happening.

One reality that has struck me is how there are some around me (near and far) going through trials and tribulations. Illness is running rampant and seeing it first hand really brings home the message that health really is true wealth.

On an global scale we are dealing with issues such as clear signs of global warming, its domino effects impact on our lives and the lives of animals, plants and our overall ecosystems. We must acknowledge the harsh reality of inaccurate information being spread across the world by the click of a finger , the high cost we pay for modern day conveniences such as overnight deliveries and shopping at the click of a button (more so what toll this way of living is having on not only our earth but the working conditions that are created in order to get our deliveries within a one day/two day period)-the concept of privacy and what that looks like in these modern times as well as the social awkwardness that ensues when devices are put down and all that’s left is a face to face interaction.-or lack there of . We are at a place in our lives where large scale outcry happens more frequently from a 30 second clip than from years of what we already know.

Many of us have found ourselves verbally attacked online based on a comment, phrase and often figurative language that others aren’t able to pick up on -often due to lack of grammatical skills.

Young lives are being lost casually over the jealousy and wrath of others. Material possessions are glorified in a way that allows us to easily forget what true happiness is really made of and through it all we must continue to to find the beauty in the chaos.


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