What’s Really Going On?

The last few weeks have been a hasty tempest! Aside from the fact that I’m writing this new piece with my new baby in my arms -life has been like one squall after the other to say the least!

Quick update: Harper Levi is here and well. He was born at 6 pounds and 10 ounces and like most newborns he lost weight. He left the hospital at 6 pounds and 4 ounces. The overall goal is to get back to his birth weight within the next two weeks.

Although I’ve been on maternity leave for a short period of time, a lot has been happpening in our country and world at large.

I was already weary about giving birth during the peak of flu season. As an educator; I’m well aware of the high number of sick kids and parents alike whom have fallen victim to the flu this year.

Shortly thereafter along comes the corona virus. A virus I’ve never heard of before and something I’m learning more and more about as the days go on.

Between nursing my infant son, pumping breast milk for my infant son and napping when my infant son naps-I’ve listened to local and national news outlets to keep up with the comings and goings of the world around us.

Aside from the funny memes that have infiltrated my timeline about the virus, or the jokes about ginger ale and saltine crackers protecting black folks from getting sick, the coronavirus has taken over the local, national and international news cycle.

But what’s really going on?

Not only are newscasters updating us by the minute with new cases of those whom have been diagnosed with the virus, special news reports are covering the domino effect this virus is having as it relates to global economics, international distribution of goods as well as the cancellation of large events like South by Southwest or local conferences and concerts.

Many wonder aloud the impact this virus will have on industries such as hospitals and vulnerable places such as nursing homes. Questions have arose as it relates to whom will cover the costs of low wage workers whom may be forced to self monitor symptoms and miss work. Large companies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon are canceling business trips for their employees as the world awaits the next news update.

Unfortunately, there’s been an increase on attacks of those whom are of Asian decent-fake news and ignorance has many of us here in America and abroad holding on to ideas that are untrue and quite damaging to their fellow humans. Local business have seen a sharp decline in sales as many consumers choose to not eat out; specifically in Asian American restaurants.

Please don’t be fooled dear readers-someone’s making money. You’ll only have to walk down the aisle of your favorite chain store to see empty shelves where once neatly lined packages stood tall of hand sanitizers and other cleaning agents. Not only are cleaning companies making money-the mortgage industry has seen an increase in sales as interest rates have dropped and homeowners rush to refinance mortgages at a considerable lower rate and new potential homeowners enter the market hoping to lock in a low 30 year fixed rate.

Are we entering a really bad dystopian film where many will eventually perish with only a few survivors? Are most of us safe from the coronavirus and other viruses as long as we keep our hands clean and away from our face?

Or is this all just a distraction from far greater evils that lurk behind shady government dealings? What are your thoughts dear reader? I eagerly await your responses.

11 thoughts on “What’s Really Going On?

  1. My goodness… those are thoughts that I have. We will never get the full truth. Are there vaccines already available but are on hold until the need is overwhelmed by a limited supply? Someone will again make money on our collective misfortunes. How sad for us all.


      1. Absolutely! I personally feel it’s a distraction, not that these cases that have been confirmed are less important, it’s just so sudden and at the peak of things. Monies will always be made as I feel that it is bigger than Coronavirus. I just pray that my son and I continue to stay safe.❣️

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  2. First of all… can’t wait to meet Harper! Second of all.. I’m not sure what to think anymore. Every year there is a new trending topic and a new subject to put fear in our hearts. Keep prayed up, love hard and take your vitamins!

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    1. Yes! Harper can’t wait to meet you as well! And I agree-we have to stay prayed up because it’s always something and ALWAYS suspect! Like, what’s really going on!!


  3. Thanks for this well written piece as usual. I pray you and Harper are all doing well. Every year yes I agree there are something that get us scared and on our toes but believe it or not now is the time for repentance and for us to look within and draw closer to God . This is Revelation time for us who believe, so let’s stay prayed up. God is amazing. Take care everyone. God bless.

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  4. How thrilling and a beautiful name for your precious child! Yes — these are strange times and disconcerting and I imagine more so with a little one. But also centering about the most important thing of all – love! Congratulations!

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