Miss Me With The Bulls%#!

My frustration goes beyond the damage of my brand new car. I would be a real asshole if that was the root of my frustration. I could care less about the car-it’s fixable right? I’m not going to moan and groan about a damaged vehicle when there are mothers and fathers walking in the cold with their children bustling themselves to school and work.

No-I’m not even frustrated with my lower back-the pain caused by initial impact forced me to miss a couple days of work-it’s made me think carefully about taking prescription strength muscle relaxers and over the counter pain medication. One will knock me out for sure and make it impossible to keep up with my young students.

No-my frustration doesn’t even lie with my physical pain. I may go as far as saying my frustration goes beyond the fact that someone hit me and chose to not stop and make sure I was okay.

My frustration lies with the fact that the police officer at the New Haven Police Department was visibly annoyed with my questions.

My frustration lies in the blatant disregard for my well being. 

It lies in the 9-1-1 dispatcher’s annoyance when she answered my 9-1-1 call. It lies in the ambulance drivers telling me that the person that hit me will probably not get prosecuted.

“This happens all the time”,  they told me. They said so in a matter of fact tone as they took my vitals while we waited for the police to show up (The officer arrived over an hour after calling 9-1-1)to the scene of the hit and run.

How many other residents of New Haven received this kind of disregard?

That’s where my frustration and anger is truly rooted.

A New Haven resident, (born and raised) told me,

“This is how it is in this city. I’ve been violated so many times. There is no point in going to the authorities because they really do not care”.

This has become an accepted way of life for some residents. That’s just not acceptable to me. Considering the current social climate am I overreacting or am I right in my frustrations? Leave a comment below, I’d love to read your thoughts. Until next time, continue to go forth in love!

17 thoughts on “Miss Me With The Bulls%#!

  1. Your frustration is definitely acceptable!!! Our country has always made it acceptable to treat blacks as second class- citizens and many times, treated worse. It doesn’t matter how educated, how many degrees, or how wealthy one may be….you’re still black in racist America.
    As with all other obstacles, you’ll get through this too.
    Continue shining the high beam on that racist ass police department in New Haven!!! Smh


    1. Thank you for your response! I’d really love to talk to more people in New Haven about this. I only quoted one person born and raised in New Haven and I’d like to hear from others. Do they also feel the same way? Also, New Haven (with its demographic) may be viewed as a microcosm of the country at large. I agree with you, “It doesn’t matter…you’re still black in racist America”.


    1. Please keep me posted when you’re coming-especially if you’re coming to the New York, Connecticut or New Jersey area! I’ll even pop in if
      you’re in Philadelphia!👍🏿 (I have tentative plans for Bath & London in July).

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      1. Hey Sista,
        Any recommendations on area?

        That would be a blessing to meet up🙏🏾

        Where in London are you planning on visiting, have you visited before?

        Just the thought of travelling is energy enhancing.


      2. I studied in Bath for a semester in college when I was 19. I have family in London. The study abroad program is having a reunion in July and I want to attend and see family too. Go to NYC and get a hotel in Times Square.

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      3. I might just do that, Times Square sounds good and looks even better. I will meditate on it
        Oh cool, I’ve never actually been to Bath, heard it’s a nice small quiet area. What degree did you study? Reunions are always nice.
        I have to take you out for a vegan meal in London. Keep me posted. We may have a potential date🙏🏾


      4. Looooove that idea! Also-I was studied English literature. My undergraduate degree is English. I focused on Canterbury Tales and Shakespeare while in Bath. Yes-it’s beautiful there! I spent two days in Limply Stokes and Spring Break in Scotland.


      5. Education is always worth the money. Especially for black
        folks born into humble beginnings. For me and many others it’s through education you learn of the world. Short
        Answer: worth the money. Some ways to learn can be free-libraries have always been my best friend and most museums run on donations. I’m a teacher by trade.

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      6. Yes-cost is always an issue and access to education is always going to be a struggle especially for people of color. However, we have to be okay in investing in ourselves. Also apply for scholarships/grants and be willing to WORK for whatever it is you want. I worked two jobs every summer to attend college and I didn’t have a lot. No cell phone. No personal computer. No car. It was ok. I had money for my books and what I didn’t have I got from the library. Even in graduate school the professors always had copies of mandatory reading books at the library. I read there or photocopied what I needed.

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