Valentine’s Day: Are We Still HYPED?

As I surf the Internet, specifically my social media platforms, I see Instagram comedians creating sixty second sketches about the up and coming day. I almost typed “holiday” but I recently learned Valentine’s Day is not an official holiday. Schools, banks and post offices across the country remain open.

Never-mind the fact that we start seeing pink and red in all our favorite retail stores right after Christmas-the retail gods have not been able to make this day a holiday.

Along with sixty second sketch comedies on Instagram all media outlets begin discussing “the perfect gift” for one’s significant other.

Women and men across the country obsess over the appropriate gift for their loved ones.

“What do I get my wife?”

“What do I get my husband?”

“My girlfriend? ”

“My boyfriend? ”

It seems like Christmas all over again as we pay close attention to what corporations try to sell us to prove our love (and in some cases our lust).

Some may even question:

“What do I get my side piece?”

“My after hours booty call?”

Wait-are side pieces and booty calls recognized on this day too? What about a casual friend? There are rules to navigating successfully around Valentine’s Day.

Relationships are solidified and destroyed around this day as one’s value to another is determined by the gift given.

Personally, for corporate driven events such as Valentine’s Day (and all holidays in our consumer driven society) I prefer to take part in an experience with my loved one. Let’s build a memory together! Don’t get me wrong-I will gladly accept a gift big or small-however, I’m more of an experience kind of gal!

Taking part in an activity that forces me out of my comfort zone is more alluring. You want to show your love? Surprise me with an excursion like paddle boarding, indoor rock climbing, zip-lining or skiing.

Hit a sister over the head with tickets to the opera or theater tickets (It doesn’t even have to be Broadway! Local theaters like the Westport Country Playhouse, the Yale Repertory or even the Schubert will do).

If you really want to show your love-write me a letter-use your words to romance me!

What about you? As this day quickly approaches what are you expecting from the one you love and how are you choosing to show your love? Let’s talk about it! Blessings!


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