This Life of Ours

It’s so easy to forget. This life of ours is fragile, and often we can go from pure joy to sadness by an event, by a comment, by an unforeseen foe. I wrote recently about how children are able to find joy and beauty in the everyday. It’s through the eyes of my toddler that I see the purest of joy, nothing muddled with the mundane of everyday as he jumps in a pool of water, his excitement at finding the perfect stick to walk with or watching a critter scamper across a blade of grass leaves me in awe.

There seems to be a heaviness that has settled among us. Just as we thought we turned the corner with the pandemic we are reminded it’s not over. The perfect storm has erupted as many fall ill with various respiratory illnesses. Let us not forget the heavy weight of depression and anxiety. They’re all here twirling about our lives, pulling at our heart strings as we fight for an existence not filled with pain both mental and physical.

As someone that has experienced the heavy weight of depression and anxiety I know how it feels to pull oneself out of bed. The weight and physical pain of standing upright, wondering often if my facial expression was okay. Frantically wondering if anyone can see my heart literally jumping out of my chest, wondering in horror if my thoughts are easily read on my forehead.

They know, they can see my inability to be just as good as them.

The reality is: one’s mind can be the downfall to IT all. I’ve learned over time intentional positive thoughts can be just as powerful if not more powerful than negative ones. Push back against the bullshit! Just know: you are meant to be here, God made no mistakes when he made you. I’ve found that fighting my way out of the dark hole of depression’s grasp was not done in isolation (no matter how isolated I felt). Family, friends, and good ‘ole raunchy unfiltered comedy with a heavy dose of praying women from my tribe brought me back! Always know it gets better.

Readers, continue to pursue, chase, and fight to see the beauty in the everyday. Blessings.

4 thoughts on “This Life of Ours

  1. Unfortunately, my awareness to mental health hasn’t always been what it is today. That realization didn’t come until I was impacted personally. As a result, I push so much for surrounding yourself with individuals that are positive as well supportive. In addition to finding activities that allows me to balance out the stressors associated with the day to day. For me, it is important to be physically active, consume non toxic television shows, and attend social clubs. It’s important to be self aware and proactive in order to always stay a step ahead.

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