Creativity Needs Silence

A few years ago I felt I needed a break. I wanted to press the pause button on the hustle and bustle of living and working in the Northeast. I planned a two week vacation that began in Brooklyn, New York and ended in London, England. Solo travel has always been intriguing to me (during that time, I had no idea that less than a year later we would be in a pandemic). I look back at that time and I am grateful for the memories I created. I wanted to focus on writing, reading and exploring the world around me. There is something quite luxurious about not checking the time and meandering from one point to another. It’s a true blessing to not have to be somewhere and rather just be.

I had a great time journaling and traveling throughout the interconnected subway system in what I believe to be the best city in the world. New York has always had me by my heart strings and I look back at that week long stay with a great appreciation for the solitude but also for the moments of being one of many within a busy city.

Later, in London and Bath, England I found myself revisiting two cities I haven’t visited in a very long time. There was a certain level of familiarity and mystery as I connected with my British family members and spoke of family stories from long ago. It’s important to note that I love to be in the mix! I am a lover of people, music and good food. However, there are times where I yearn for silence. I look forward to jumping into the beautiful chaos of urban living, nevertheless, there are times when it’s silence I look for. The calm quiet of early morning of late night is intriguing. It is at these times, where ideas and concepts bubble over and spill out of my head. I pick each idea out and with my words or hands and I create. During this moment of creation my breathing is steady, my shoulders are relaxed and a calmness takes over my very being. The quiet is comforting in a way that feels magical.

Fast forward to the three P’s: Pregnancy, Parenting, Pandemic. So much has changed since that trip from a few years ago. At this time, the pandemic is still here with some surprise guests like monkey pox and the resurgence of polio. Although the world has changed because of the pandemic, global warming, political unrest and economic uncertainty (the list can go on and on). I have the urge for another solo trip. A time for silence, a time to create.

What about your dear reader? What are some activities that you have put on hold that you would like to get back to? I am looking forward to your public and private replies. Blessings.

3 thoughts on “Creativity Needs Silence

  1. Remember that you that took that trip – she’ll be back! Although it may be decades – as is the case for me. Becoming a parent changed everything. And I wouldn’t trade a minute of it. It’s absolutely the best thing I ever did in my life – and will always be so. But now that my gal is ‘launched’, I am remembering that gal I was – like you, wandering the world, creative. Last (long? who knows!) chapter for me and am drawn back to the me that was then. She’s there still. I”m dusting her off!

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  2. I really enjoy the idea of getting back into traveling for leisure. It allows me to once again appreciate much of what the world has to offer. Also, it’s a much needed pause from my fast pace and seemingly never ending work days. During the height of the pandemic, that was one of my major enjoyments l abstained from. I mean with all the media coverage, including a lot of misinformation. Refraining from unnecessary traveling appeared to be the most sensible thing to do. No need to consciously expose myself to unknown regions and people. Plus pandemic traveling really was lack luster, with all the limitations and restrictions.


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