1 2 3s of Thankfulness

We have the same routine for bedtime. After a bath filled with toys and bubbles, Harper gets dressed in brightly colored pajamas and I say the same thing each evening, “Go pick two books”.

He often comes back with two books and some nights it’s three books. One popular book he enjoys reading over and over again is: 123s of Thankfulness by Patricia Hegarty. The colors are light and airy as characters show signs of thankfulness for friendships, manners and enjoying the beauty in life.

As I read this book this evening I couldn’t help but think about another young child whose parents were murdered in yet another mass shooting here in the good ‘ole USA.

I believe I read somewhere there’s been over 300 mass shootings as of 2022. At this point, I literally try to mentally prepare myself for anything as I’m out and about running errands. I’ll be in the midst of buying produce, or walking the aisle of a pharmacy and suddenly my mind goes directly to “What if I start to hear gun shots right now? What would you do Anika?

It’s frustrating to believe this is really and truly our reality. One of the pages in Hegarty’s text states:

8 special friends will always stick together, appreciating friendship no matter what the weather

I love this line.

I think it’s important for us to slow down as we continue to live within a pandemic, inflation and of course the never ending news cycle of innocent people being murdered (in all the places one would think they’d be the most safe). We need to slow down and appreciate the joys we have in our tumultuous lives, specifically the small joys; like waking up to sunlight streaming through a window, or the first whiff of freshly brewed coffee.

My family and friends have literally been my life line and have allowed me to stay grounded and appreciative of all aspects of life. I love that I have a core of really good people by my side as we ride this insane and never ending roller coaster. It’s interesting for me to note that some of my core family and friends are people I may not see or speak to daily but when we connect it’s like no time has passed.

What about you dear reader? What are you thankful for? Has it changed in the last few years? I can’t wait to read your responses. Blessings.

6 thoughts on “1 2 3s of Thankfulness

      1. Thankful to form new habits! Been carving out space to read and ingest wholesomeness. This I hope to follow more closely. Your voice in text is uplifting and I am all for heights, Sis!
        Happy New Year!!

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  1. I have so many blessings within the last 2 yrs that I am overly thankful for . I started a career path I never knew I needed or wanted. I had both my babies and my marriage is finally starting to go in the right direction. God is Good!

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