I really thought the Supreme Court would not overturn Roe vs. Wade. I was confident the controversial leaked draft would have the court revisit such a horrendous decision. I was wrong. This is really happening. The country will now have states determining their own rules as it relates to access to abortions. No one can’t tell me we are not living in the midst of Atwood’s novel, The Handmaid’s Tale. As I type this I feel as if I am in an alternate reality, it seems so surreal. The questions that I am left with are: What’s next? What other access will we find ourselves stripped of? Dear reader, I know many people have their own thoughts and feelings as it relates to abortion. I know it is a hot button topic, and quite frankly it truly doesn’t matter what I think about the issue.

What I will share is this: a woman should have an absolute right to when and if she decides to have a baby. There are some states where grace won’t even exist when it comes to incest and or rape. How can this be okay? What country are we living in? One may argue it is a country whose founding father’s were not referring to women, white men without property, as well as black and brown people as it relates to rights. The Constitution itself must be viewed as a living, breathing document. If we do not view it as such, then there are so many more restrictions on the way.

Share your thoughts, currently still reeling from the news. Blessings.

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