To My Younger Self: Be Free

I watched her from afar with a mix of curiosity and glee. She ran her hands across the new satchel, stopping every few seconds to touch each shiny button making sure each one was still secure to the cloth fabric. With a satisfied sigh, she secured her bag with the handle going across her chest. She retied her Adidas all white shell top sneakers and preceded to walk down the long hallway.

I watched my younger self get lost in a crowd of high school students as they transitioned from one class to another. The sounds of laughter, lockers slamming and rubber soles slapping against tiled floors filled the hallways. Everywhere you looked, students held three ring binders and Five-Star Notebooks close to their chests as they bustled along the crowded and narrow hallways.

“Hey, chocolate thunder save me a seat in the café”.

“Ok, see you after fourth period”.

My voice was lighter, less gravely than it is now. It was airy and filled with a youthfulness I never knew I once possessed.

I followed a few feet behind as I entered math class. Ugggghhhh, I remember these days. Math was always a challenge. I used to force myself to stay awake purposely sitting front and center to limit my distractions. My younger self nodded and smiled, keeping eyes on the teacher even though very little made sense. The formulas the teacher wrote on the board appeared through a cloud of chalky smoke. This skill will find a way to serve a purpose over twenty years later when remote work becomes the norm and collaborative meetings are held on digital platforms that sounds more like a great word for a children’s book. If I could, I would whisper in her ear that one day she would be teaching this and even more complex content. My younger self would laugh at the thought.

Things I would tell my younger self:

Be freelife is an adventure filled with ups and downs and as long as you get back up you will be fine.

Take economics in collegelearn how money works within this consumer driven society.

Do not play the “middle man” in others’ conflict-it’s toxic.

Do not get hyped by the gaze of menyou’re worth it, no need to get glossy eyed because someone shows interests.

Travel moreyou travel, but explore more out of your comfort zone.

Continue to read and write in Spanishyou’re a good language student, keep going!

Own the space you are in-you belong here, never question that.

What about you dear reader? What would you tell your younger self? I can’t wait to read your responses! Blessings.

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