Organ Harvesting, Sex Trafficking and Trauma

I am aware of organ harvesting as well as sex trafficking.

I am not an expert in this field but I know this issue is not front and center within the news as much as celebrity news. However, it’s an international issue. So much so, when I was in Las Vegas-there were signs in multiple languages giving suggestions as to what a person may do if they found themselves a victim of human trafficking. The helpful tips were in airports and restaurant bathrooms written in English, Spanish and Chinese.

I have heard stories of women being lured away to the Caribbean for cheap plastic surgery only to find themselves drugged and used as a mule to transport large amounts of drugs from one country to another. How true this may be, I can not confirm, but there is an issue that has infiltrated our society; bodies for sale. Often those whom are most vulnerable are children, those with questionable immigration status, the homeless and  even teens shunned for their sexual preferences or gender identity-all these groups may all find themselves bought and sold to the highest bidder. John Carney for the Daily Mail Australia writes about organ harvesting in an article appropriately titled: A Human Harvest.

My novice understanding of this growing issue was in the back of my head as I was alone in my hotel room in Vegas. I was in a vulnerable state, getting ready to shower -music playing, television on and texting multiple people as I arranged my evening outfit with accessories. I thought I heard a knock at the door, but quickly dismissed it. My colleagues would not knock at my door without texting me first. After more knocks I realized I wasn’t imagining it. I quickly muted the television, silenced the music and put my phone down. I approached the door only to see the door opening from the other side. Without thinking, I pushed the door and demanded those on the other side not attempt to open the door. I looked at the television on mute, the newscaster was reporting about yet another death in the Dominican Republic, an island I visited approximately one year ago.

My mind was racing as much as my heart was.

Are they coming to harvest my organs, sell my body to the highest bidder for sex or did someone report me for fear of drugs? My mind whirled as I demanded the front desk tell the “hotel employees” to leave me alone. I didn’t trust anyone enough to let the women in on the other side of the door. They were beautiful, petite and wearing blazers. This meant nothing to me as I looked through the peep hole of my hotel room door. The news along with movies of women used to lure victims out of their protected spaces made me know not open the hotel room door.

It wasn’t until later, that I learned my Las Vegas hotel does  wellness checks on any guests whom chose not to have housekeeping for the week. I welcome wellness checks, as anyone who’s been to Las Vegas may attest: it is a walking party 24/7. Many guests are seen being helped to their rooms at any time of the day, as alcohol is given freely to those whom gamble. I welcome this concept-however, the hotel failed to tell me about their wellness checks when I accepted their $10 credit for not having room service. Therefore, I was not expecting that knock at my door, nor their ability and right to enter my closed hotel room.

Imagine my fright as I stood there in a state of undress demanding these trespassers leave me alone. Let us continue to be transparent as we attempt to make sense of a world where bodies are still being sold to the highest bidder. Blessings.

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