Melanin Myths Debunked!

Hey ya’ll!

Black skin needs sunscreen.

Just like lighter hued folks our skin will burn-even really dark skin. Black folks’ skin may lighten in colder months. Mine does. I remember I was in graduate school at some random department taking care of my school identification card and the woman taking my picture was so surprised at how my complexion looked different in my driver’s license picture compared to how my face looked in person at that moment (it was the middle of August). “That picture was taken in the winter” I explained. She still looked at me blankly. The concept that dark skin can lighten in cooler months was absolutely foreign to her.

Our stretch marks will show.

Another short college story: although I attended a historically black college I did study abroad my junior year where I was the only chocolate drop in the mix. We often chatted it up after class. Our conversations covered a span of topics, our classes, our tutors, plans for the weekend and even future plans involving becoming mothers and having babies. We all agreed that we didn’t want stretch marks, that being our biggest fear at the ripe old age of 18 and 19. “What are you worried about? It won’t show on you!” my housemate said with all the authority of a black-ologist. “Actually, stretch marks will show up on my dark skin, it will actually be lighter than my complexion” “Oh, ok” she stated, but I could tell she didn’t believe me one bit!

We like the sun.

Yes! Many of us enjoying laying out at the beach or pool. For me, there’s nothing more relaxing than soaking up the sun while vacationing in the Caribbean (or along the Long Island Sound if I am on a staycation). Like everyone else, sunscreen is important (like I mentioned above) and so is staying hydrated (this should be important for us all no matter the season).

We love make up!

I enjoy having fun with make up (The pandemic has slowed me down a lot) but I like to wear primer, foundation, concealer as well as fun and spunky eyeshadow colors. Yes, dark skinned folks like to conceal blemishes, hyperpigmentation and all that yucky stuff when we are about to step out. I must admit the make up industry has come a long way as it relates to offering a more diverse supply of foundations that allow almost any woman (and man) of any hue to find their perfect match.


I have freckles, on my hands and on my face. Freckles can be found on any shade of skin. I personally think freckles are cute and give character.

Skin Care

It’s important to have a skin professional in your pocket. You may not go every month, but having a licensed professional to help guide and educate you on proper skin care regiments are important. Prior to giving birth I didn’t think too much about my facial skin care routine. I liked witch hazel and raw shea butter. The hormonal rollercoaster of giving birth changed all of that! I had to really think about what I was using on my skin and seek professional help to get my postpartum acne, hyperpigmentation and oily skin under control. I was lucky enough to be referred to an amazing esthetician whom has worked wonders on my skin.

What myths about skin do you keep hearing over and over again? What are your skin concerns and routines? I can’t wait to read your responses! Blessings.

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