Love In the Time of Corona


You find out real quick what’s real and what’s not when you’re living that quarantine life.

Unfortunately the coronavirus continues to have a large influence on our everyday life. Kids are home from school-many are working from home (IF they’re still gainfully employed) and life as we know it is forever changed. At this point we all know someone that has died from this insidious disease or we know someone whom knows someone. The worse part about losing a loved one is the inability to be there for their last breath-we are all learning new ways to say our goodbyes; funerals are not an option as we continue to bunker down in our homes.

In addition to mourning differently, we are all collectively breathing a sigh of relief every time we talk, text and video chat with the ones we love. Can you imagine what life would be like without such technologies? The very thought of going through this without being able to hear my mom’s voice or video chat with family miles and miles away leaves me anxious.

Love in the time of corona looks differently than love has ever looked before. My heart swells when I go back and forth with my siblings in the sibling group texts and for that moment I know they’re well. We show our love through signifying, pictures and short videos of our experiences during this quarantine.

My husband knows one of my favorite things to eat are mangoes. He shows his love by bringing a large juicy mango for me to devour even after he’s worked a long day -he consistently asks if I need anything even though he’s tired as he continues his work as an essential worker.

Harper’s godmother checks in often while she juggles multiple hats as a mom and essential worker-her balancing act is done with poise and grace daily.

Coworkers whom continue to work remotely and face the challenges of working off site consistently check in and show love for my well being as I too prepare to re-enter the work force as my maternity leave comes to an end. Never in a million years did I imagine this time off would be spent quarantined as the world raged a war against a virus that leaves some in awe and others as nonbelievers.

Aside from taking care of baby Harper I continue to talk to God-at this point all I can do is lean into my faith as the world around me changes. I thank God often for the love I feel both near and far as we all get adjusted to a new normal.

What does love look like for you dear reader? I eagerly await your responses. Blessings.

4 thoughts on “Love In the Time of Corona

  1. Love and faith are the two most important things to have at the moment. Love honestly looks like a text from my son, mom or wife during the work day. The feeling of being thought of is so comforting right now, especially when you hear of so many tragic things constantly and as an essential worker I’m out among people at a time of social distancing. My workday has forever shifted.

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  2. Thank God for technology. I can’t wait to be able to be around my friends and family again. This is such a stressful time and checking in with our loved ones really helps.

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