The Inequality Crisis

Among the myriad Covid-19 news reports one that stood out to me (for obvious reasons) was the data collected around whom is dying at a higher rate from this insidious disease.

Black and brown people.

I can’t say I’m surprised.

This pandemic has ripped the band aid off the many inequalities that exist and thrive in our society. I remember during my pregnancy I learned the startling fact that women of color have a higher rate of death during childbirth than any other racial group. This fact has little to do with access of care. Rather, women of color across low, middle and high socioeconomic backgrounds lose their life during childbirth even when their access to appropriate prenatal care is present.

Why is that? Covid-19 has reignited this health disparity issue. Anyway you look at it this disease is an inequality crisis. Let me be clear: Covid-19 in no way discriminates. The earlier belief that the young were spared is a fallacy. Men, women, young and old are all at risk and unfortunately the most innocent of us all; infants are also at risk (not as high a risk as adults but a risk nonetheless). Even though Covid-19 does not discriminate-our society still sees a higher death rate among people of color.

Why is that?

Dr. Anthony Fauci (one of the few members of The Administration making any sense at the podium) confirmed the death rate for Americans of color are higher and to think not too long ago one rumor about COVID-19 was black folks’ had immunity!

Dr. Fauci argues the reason for the disparity in death rates are related to pre-existing conditions. As we continue to learn more about this virus, one thing we know for sure is those with compromised immune systems due to preexisting conditions increases one’s chances of death.

Who leads the nation with diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity and asthma? People of color.

I’d like to believe that with continued social distancing, hand washing, and good old fashioned common sense we will get to the other side of this! Our new normal may be difficult at first but with continued faith and love we will make it out in the other side. This crisis has brought up so many issues we need to address as a society.

Let’s make a commitment to focus on our overall health-continue to hydrate with plenty of water. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and exercise daily. People of color already face so many uphill battles, let’s not make diseases that are often linked to lifestyle be the death of us!

Please feel free to share your thoughts dear reader. Blessings.

2 thoughts on “The Inequality Crisis

  1. Not to mention the disproportionate rate of poc who are working in food services, supply chain etc. who can’t just stay at home. For fear of a lost job and/ or paycheck. Enough! We need to fix this country!

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